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Report - Apparition of Mother Mary in Poothurai?

Many people in Poothurai and neighboring villages strongly believe that Mother Mary is appearing in Poothurai Church in front of the Eucharist box since Aug 18th 2008. The photo of this apparition is nicely captured in cameras. According to the then parish priest, Fr. Darvin, atleast 3 different views of Mother Mary are experienced.

Many people have told that they saw the apparition view since 18th August 2008. Huge crowd is visiting the church throughout the day and whole night to personally experience this spiritual miracle. Fr. Darwin mentioned during his private talk that such things are God's doing to make the people to come back to God wherever the distance between God and people increases. He also pointed that analysis by the Catholic high command has been started on this miracle prospect.

This vision is clearly seeable from the south-east angle, and less visible from other angles. Sometimes there are no such vision except a shade in that area. The people in Poothurai are offering continuous prayers and other spiritual ceremonies as people from many remote places continue visiting the church.

Below is a video in which Fr. Bosco, Thoothoor forane vicar, talking to people about this miracle prospect.

When many people believe this as a miracle, many others argue that this could be due to reflection of light as the view is coming only from particular directions. Nevertheless, this incident has raised the spiritual belief of the people in this region and they continue to visit the church for praying.

Poothurai Church Altar - Full view

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