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Get-together meet of Pius XI HSS Thoothoor 1977-78 XIC Batch Mates after 44 years!
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The 1977-78 SSLC 11C batch mates of Pius XI Higher Secondary School Thoothoor had their get-together meet in the same Pius XI School after 44 years. Theirs was the last batch of 11th Standard SSLC (11th Standard Elongated Course) after which the SSLC became 10th Standard and the HSC was introduced for the 12th Standard. As scheduled, these batch-mates gathered in the school on Saturday 4th June and successfully conducted their get-together meeting by also inviting 5 retired teachers who had taught them in 1977-78. Thus the presence of Mr. Oliver Joy sir, Mr. Sukumaran Thambi sir (Kanakku Thambi), Mr. Jerabin sir, Mrs. Alby teacher, and Mrs. Gracy teacher added more joy to the meeting. Thoothoor Forane VF Fr. Baby Bebinson attended the meeting as a Guest and delivered a congratulatory speech. The presence of family members at the get-together meet made the event more memorable. They have published this beautiful memory as a YouTube video, which shall be viewed by the link given below . . .

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Biju, Thuthur[19-06-2022@22.08.49(IST)]
Very beautiful getting together. i enjoyed full video

Gilbert Lenkurusu, Thoothoor[19-06-2022@09.14.56(IST)]
Thanks a lot to Admin for sharing the event via