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Protest in Thoothoor seeking justice for fisherman's death in Indonesia
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Mr. Mariya Jesin Dhas (33) who was under treatment while in the custody of Indonesian authorities died today, 20-05-2022 in a hospital in Indonesia. He was under the custody of Indonesian authorities since 8th March based on the charges of crossing the border during fishing and was admitted to a hospital there as his health deteriorate while in custody. Recently on 16-05-2022, relatives and activists submitted a memorandum to the district collector based on the information that improper treatment was being given and requested to bring him to India for proper treatment. Thus, this death has created unrest among fishermen in Thoothoor and they are protesting at the bus stand demanding justice for the death by claiming this as a murder. The protest is continuing at the night and also expected that the protest may prolong indefinitely until an appropriate action from the government. A TV report on this below . . .

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