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It may be easy to play in the TN team, not the Netaji team – Raegon speaks!
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In an interview to the Football tamil youtube channel, former national junior team player and former TN team captain Raegon from Thoothoor highlighted how much proud it would be for anybody to get a chance to play in the Netaji Thoothoor team. His words, 'It may be easy to play in the TN team, not the Netaji team' may look funny for the rest of the world but for those in Thoothoor, it is the fact!. Watch the full interview below...

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Hello Shyjin,
Happy to receive your comment.
The updates you sought will be published as and when we receive any publishable content from NLT.
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shyjin, thoothoor[30-03-2022@14.19.21(IST)]
Dear team,

No update until about our Netaji Foot Ball Tournament 2022 on thoothoor website.


Thank you all . . . for your suggestions on the "what-next" evolution of the website!

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