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TFCYM distributed dress and toiletries Kit to Poor People
- John Prince
Added @ 07-03-2020@00.00.53(IST)
[Archive: 2020] 
TFCYM, Thoothoor Forane Catholic Youth Movement, using its special fund had organised dress and toiletries distribution program for poor people in the parish. Around 30 such economically very poor people were identified and TFCYM visited these homes personally last week and distributed the kit. People appreciated TFCYM for taking up such humanitarian activities and also expressed their happiness that both parish priests are giving more importance to youth ministry by creating opportunities for youths to involve in such activities.

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shyjin, thoothoor[07-03-2020@10.55.42(IST)]
Good work done from the TFCYM members and thanks for the members who are involved in this and special thanks to the good sponsored.
All thoothoorian, please come forward to support such kind of activities which may helpful.

Guest, thoothoor[07-03-2020@05.29.08(IST)]
May God bless you all involve in this ministries to distribute the items for poors