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TFCYM in Action against the selling of tobacco items in small shops in Thoothoor Back
- John Prince
Added @ 29-02-2020@00.00.57(IST)
[Archive: 2020] 
The tobacco habit is becoming a bigger challenge in many of our coastal villages including Thoothoor. A large number of people including youths are addicted to this practice. Even though it is banned, these are available in black market network, and certain small shops in our locality are selling this secretly to their customers. In spite of many warnings from the parish and the priests, these shops continue to sell this secretly. TFCYM took this matter and visited all small shops in Thoothoor few days ago in Februvary'2020, irrespective of whether they are selling it or not, and educated them regarding this evil substance and instructed them to stop selling it if at all they are selling. Thoothoor assistant parish priest Fr. Soosai Antony accompanied these youths in this good cause. A TFCYM member said that, they will repeat this shop visits again and again until this secret selling is completely eliminated from Thoothoor.

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shyjin, thoothoor[07-03-2020@18.23.57(IST)]
Dear Team,

Try to pass the information to our neighbor villages as well to stop selling tobacco from a particular date. Even if we stop only from thoothoor, obviously the people will go near by villages where it's available. So better to stop among all our coastal area.

And please give an announcement in the church regarding this and about the punishment if any one selling....

Alwin Kandasami, Kanyakumari[29-02-2020@18.55.19(IST)]


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