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Appu's Plastic Awareness Stall at Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition Back
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Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition 2019 begins on 18th July 2019. The main Religious Ceremony called as Vavubali falls on 31st July, which is a festival of giving “bhali karmam” (A Ritual) for ancestors which is held at the banks of the River Thamirabharani in Kuzhithurai. It concludes on 6th August, 2019. Apart from shopping stalls, nursery gardens, fun, entertainment and games, Government also sets up many stalls in the exhibition to promote their initiates. Government also gives these stalls to private individuals and organisations after thorough scrutiny.

Jency Das (Appu) from Thoothoor also tried for getting a stall in this exhibition to educate people on plastic usage. Based on Appu’s earlier involvements in such social activities, he got a stall in the Government stall lane itself. In the stall, Appu displayed many valuable educational materials on plastic usage and as a highlight he also demonstrated alternate items to replace the major plastics that are used by people in large number. Appu is working as the Library Officer in Thoothoor Netaji Library. Let us congratulate Appu on such noble social activities.

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Asnu, Dubai[06-08-2019@14.39.15(IST)]

Savio, Dubai[04-08-2019@11.51.05(IST)]
Congratulate Dear Bro


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