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ITPET Awards for 2019 were distributed during St. Thomas Feast Mass on 3rd July 2019 Back
- Maria Jin L
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ITPET (IT Professionals and Engineers of Thoothoor) gives academic awards for academic achievers at Thoothoor and Thoothoor forane level, and other honourary awards every year. This year, the Auxiliary Bishop of Trivandrum Arch Diocese, Rev. Christhudas distributed ITPET'2019 awards to the winners during the St.Thomas feast celebration mass on 3rd July 2019 at St. Thomas Forane Church, Thoothoor.

The list of ITPET Awards '2019 are given below.
ITPET Awards '2019
Award NameAward DetailsAward WinnerNativeMark
Kalpana Chawla Award for 2019HSC 1st (Thoothoor & Pius XI)BISHWINI. AThoothoor515/600
Sir C.V. Raman Award for 2019HSC 2nd (Thoothoor & Pius XI)ASHINI AThoothoor504/600
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award for 2019SSLC 1st (Thoothoor & Pius XI)SMITHA CThoothoor437/500
Aryabhata Award for 2019SSLC 2nd (Thoothoor & Pius XI)JOB JThoothoor412/500
Brahmagupta Award for 2019HSC 1st (Thoothoor Forane Level)DAHLIA CLARET JVallavilai556/600
Brahmagupta Award for 2019HSC 2nd (Thoothoor Forane Level) AMIRTHA. A. S. DASVallavilai550/600
Bhaskara Award for 2019SSLC 1st (Thoothoor Forane Level)ANNET CHRISTYVallavilai483/500
Bhaskara Award for 2019SSLC 2nd (Thoothoor Forane Level) SUSMITHAPoothurai480/500
Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy)Title : 'Survey, Documentation and Phytochemical Analysis of Medicinal Plants in Vilavancode taluke in Kanyakumari district'.RANI CLEEDINThoothoor-
Dr. Robin Sabariappan Memorial
'Award of Excellence'
National Topper in the 'Mathematics Talent Exam' conducted by Indian Talent Group.GRATIANAThoothoor
Below 'Thoothoor - All Schools' awards were also given under the banner of ITPET.
Sea Brothers Boat Union Award for 2019HSC 1st (Thoothoor - All Schools)AASHEE ROBERTThoothoor520/600
Sea Brothers Boat Union Award for 2019HSC 2nd (Thoothoor - All Schools)BISHWINI AThoothoor 515/600
Sea Brothers Boat Union Award for 2019SSLC 1st (Thoothoor - All Schools)STEFNA SUSANThoothoor479/500
Sea Brothers Boat Union Award for 2019SSLC 2nd (Thoothoor - All Schools)DARSHINI RUBERTThoothoor471/500

Please click here or visit URL-1 below for the award event photos.

ITPET is giving these awards since 2006. All IT Professionals and Engineers from Thoothoor are part of ITPET. If you are an IT professional from Thoothoor but not part of ITPET yet, please send an email [Id :] to join with it. To know more about ITPET, please visit the 'ITPET Page' at URL 2.

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