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Bichu's Trivandrum won the Winners Cup of 28th One Day Football Tournament of NLT Back
- Berny Filco
Added @ 24-04-2019@12.19.44(IST)
[Archive: 2019] Netaji Library in Thoothoor conducted the 28th One Day Football Tournament successfully. A procession was conducted from NLT building to the ground with horse and musical instruments. Mrs. Clemancial (Inspector, Crime Branch) hoisted national flag and the tournament convenor Mr.Elgin hoisted the NLT flag. Thoothoor assistant parish priest Fr. Jenisten lead a small prayer for the success of the tournament. NLT president Jemald Vincent delivered the welcome address. St. John's school students performed a Vandemadharam dance after the flag hoisting. Our Vicar Forane Fr. Andrews Cosmos started the matches by doing the first kick.

12 teams from 5 states played in the tournament and the teams entered the semi finals were Netaji Yellow, Portais Sporting Club Goa, Bichu's Trivandrum, and St. James Vaniyakudi. In the final match between Bichu's Trivandrum and Netaji Yellow, Bichu's trivandrum won with a goal score of 2-1 and won the winner's trophy of 28th One Day Football Tournament. The Southern Railway Head Coach Mr. Sounderrajan and Dr. Amaladhas distributed the trophies. The tournament ended by 10.45 PM with a vote of thanks address from NLT Treasurer Joseph Xaviour followed by the National Anthem.

The chief guest Dr. Madhavan Nair (former Chairman, ISRO) came at around 7 PM and stayed with us till 9.30 PM. The awardees of Netaji Awards, Helping Hands Awards, and Special Sports Award received their respective awards from Dr. Madhavan Nair. Dr. Madhavan Nair also encouraged the players by taking photos with them during the semi-final team line up.

Even though it was raining often, the tournament and all the associated events were executed successfully. NLT extend our sincere thanks to all our sponsors and those who have given donation generously. Photos of the tournament will be shared later.

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shyjin, thoothoor[28-05-2019@19.13.32(IST)]

It's been long we are waiting for the tournament photo.

can anyone from the member can you share the tournament photos

shyjin, thoothoor[05-05-2019@19.17.59(IST)]
Dear Team,

Kindly share the tournament photos...


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