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Updates from NLT - 28th Tournament and Green Initiate gift for Poothurai Govt School Back
- Berny Filco
Added @ 18-03-2019@23.07.39(IST)
[Archive: 2019] Netaji Library in Thoothoor is progressing with the planning's for the 28th One Day Football tournament which is on 21st April 2019. In a meeting held at NLT, convenor and cashier were selected for the tournament. Mr. Eljin is selected the Convenor for the tournament and Mr. Antony Raj is selected as the cashier. Mr. Syrus will continue as the Co-Convenor for the tournament.

On Saturday 16th March 2019, Netaji Library president Mr. Jemald attended the School Annual Day at Govt Primary School in Poothurai as a Guest and handed over NLT's green initiate gift for the students.

Photos in the below link.

URL-1: .....
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