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NLT is planning diamond jubilee magazine, 'NLT RECALL', Help us with photos and info ! Back
- Berny Filco
Added @ 11-02-2019@10.23.40(IST)
[Archive: 2019] Netaji Library Thoothoor is coming up with a diamond jubilee magazine to gather all NLT related events and activities since 1957. The RECALL magazine is very important to protect the long history of NLT.

We invite everyone from Thoothoor and all NLT well-wishers to take part in this important mission by sending every information that is related to NLT. Any old photos, any old information, any old activities of NLT, information about founder members, the story of the initial days….. like these, whatever information available with you, PLEASE SEND IT TO US. Don’t worry about if the information is useful or not, you just send it, we will do the rest.

CONTACT PHONE: 04651-240826 (or) 8124747737 (or) 9845147058       (Email below)

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Jenet Das Baiju, Thoothoor[22-02-2019@15.34.23(IST)]
dear thoothoorian chennai , as of your wish- merry production already started doing the documentary about NLT . If you have any rare photos or video of NLT activities or sports etc.. can contact our library office or send it by email

JX, Thoothoor[22-02-2019@13.27.59(IST)]
Yes Robin, your thought is very correct.

With the similar intention in mind, the following idea is proposed during the Idea Hunt event of Thoothoor.COM

NLT already implemented this idea and named it as 'GOLDEN MEMBERS' scheme. More about Golden Members Scheme can be read from the NLT page.
Direct link:

I invite everyone to join as a Golden Member of NLT and make NLT a self-sustaining entity!. NLT deserves such a status after 62 years of service for everyone of us!

Robin. S, Thoothoor[18-02-2019@13.58.18(IST)]
We proud to say that NLT has long standing service to native as well as neighbour villages in many ways of developments in the way of social & sports. All our expenditures will be depending on instant collections from well wishers. We would thankful to all of them.
But sorry to say that NLT doesn't maintain their own basic fund since for the future generation to carry out the same way of service. We shall maintain such fund out of all the member's subscription at least. It will make tremendous changes on creating more regular activities without hurdles.

Thoothoorian, Chennai[12-02-2019@01.34.37(IST)]
If possible please plan for short film 'Evolution of NLT'. This will help today's youngsters to know more about all the Hard work, all the sacrifices, all the sleepless nigthts and struggles of 80's, 90's youth.


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