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NLT is preparing for 27th One Day football Tournament
- Clancious C Regino
Added @ 21-03-2018@11.19.57(IST)
[Archive: 2018] 
Nethaji Library Thoothoor is preparing for the 27th Football tournament on 1st April 2018, the Easter Day. This tournament is being planned as a Tribute to Ockhi Cyclone victims, on which more ideas are welcome to make it meaningful. Discussions are going on a daily basis in the Library office among the stakeholders and well-wishers regarding the planning of the tournament. NLT’s announcement banner at Thoothoor Bus-stand below. Full view at URL-1.

URL-1: .....
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shyjin, thoothoor[24-03-2018@18.35.57(IST)]

Any planning or discussion has happened regarding Easter tournament, since we have very short time for that....

If anything happened then please update the same...

Thanks shyjin. The detailed planning of the tournament is still under discussion and the same will be shared with all soon.

shyjin, thoothoor[22-03-2018@09.42.22(IST)]

Thanks for the notice and information.....

How about the team selection from outside and and how about the match planning, it's going to be as same like every year or is there any change in the tournament since this has been dedicated for those who are suffered from ohcki cyclone.....




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