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NLT launched Talent Platform and Arts Platform Back
- Baiju Jenet Das
Added @ 03-03-2018@18.10.05(IST)
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Nethaji Library Thoothoor has launched another milestone initiate called 'Talent Platform' and 'Arts Platform'. Talent platform is a platform for inventions and start-up ideas where students and youngsters can demonstrate their creativity. Arts Platform is a platform for all type of art skills such as drawings, poems, photography, and so on. These platforms are open for anybody from any place, and interested people can approach the NLT office for the same. This is inaugurated by NLT President Mr Marlin Manto on 2nd March 2018. Sweets were distributed, and people gathered there have expressed their appreciation for this initiate.

The first creativity that is displayed in the Talent Platform is a full functioning Hydro Electric Power Plant by Benish J. In this plant, electricity is created from water and used for lighting the indicator light and the demo movements. People saw the entire process of how electricity is being created from water. Benish is a final year BE Mechanical Engineering student, and is son of Mr. Jesudhasan (Dhasayyan) and Mrs. Tharsilamma from Thoothoor.

The Arts Platform is featured with content from 3 demonstrators Rejala Mol (pencil drawing), Marshal Titto (pencil drawing), and Zerack Nitto (poem). Rejana Mol is also preparing to break an earlier record in pencil drawing and enter World Guinness record. Marshal Titto is a well known youth for his earlier Ockhi drawing for a theme 'Save Our Fishermen'. Zerack Nitto is an emerging poem writer and is also coming up a with Short Story book soon.

Visit the below link for the photos.

URL-1: .....
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