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New facilities and services in NLT premises Back
- Baiju Jenet Das
Added @ 28-04-2017@15.18.16(IST)
[Archive: 2017] 
What does not have a boundary in Netaji Library Thoothoor is the innovation and brining useful services for people. 24x7 Purified Drinking Water Service and Free Mobile Charging terminal are the two new services NLT added to its list this week. It is brought to the notice of NLT that people waiting in our bus stand are suffering to get drinking water especially in this summer. Also with almost everyone having mobile phone, people who are travelling find it difficult to charge their mobile. Keeping these sufferings in mind, NLT set up a purified drinking water service and free mobile charge terminal in the NLT premises. Bethel Cool Bar sponsors the Purified Drinking Water. The Mobile Charging terminal has 10 charging points. Apart from that NLT also has recently constructed cement seaters in front of NLT for people to take rest and socialise (the reinvention of kalangu- Sponsored by Danger boys). More photos in the below ULR-1.

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