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- Maria Jin L
Added @ 04-07-2016@00.01.51(IST)
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ITPET (IT Professionals and Engineers of Thoothoor) is giving academic awards for academic achievers at Thoothoor and Thoothoor forane level every year. These awards are distributed during St. Thomas feast mass on St. Thomas Day. The list of shortlisted awardee's for ITPET Awards '2016 are given below.
ITPET Awards '2016
Award TitleAward WinnerParentsMarkNative
HSC 1st-Thoothoor LevelMs.Tiny Christopher Mr.Christopher & Mrs.Maria Selvi1043/1200Thoothoor
HSC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelMs.MalashaMr.Soosai Antony & Mrs.Tharsila1004/1200Thoothoor
SSLC 1st-Thoothoor LevelMs.Smilax CMr.Cleetus & Mrs.Stanly479/500Thoothoor
SSLC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelMs.Jugi J JustusMr.Justus & Mrs.Juliet469/500Thoothoor
HSC 1st-Forane LevelMs.Sheena RMr.Raju & Mrs.Ugin Mary1169/1200Chinnathurai
SSLC 1st-Forane LevelMs.Shruthi Judecy Mr.Arul D Cruz & Mrs.Lizy491/500Chinnathurai
YEAR AWARDMr.Antony Raj Mr.Sesadimai & Mrs.Laila-Thoothoor

AWARD OF THE YEAR presented to Mr.Antony Raj for the 'Inventive and Striking House Boat'

ITPET is giving these awards since 2006. All IT Professionals and Engineers from Thoothoor are part of ITPET. If you are an IT professional from Thoothoor but not part of ITPET yet, please send an email [Id :] to join with it. To know more about ITPET, please visit the 'ITPET Page' at URL 1 and Award distribution photos at URL 2.

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Justin Antony[12-07-2016@12.36.16(IST)]
Besides congratulating ITPET for encouraging such noble cause, let us give a thunderous applause to the student achievers, their parents, teachers and the management. Besides their dawn to dusk activities, the parents play a major role in the academic life of the children, starting from the admissions till the sleepless nights during the examinations. Enjoying this honour is a pleasant opportunity and a righteous desire. Let us appreciate these students who realized the sacrifice of their parents whose sweat and toil helped to bring the fruits.

Espin.P, Rep. Maldives[04-07-2016@14.38.03(IST)]
Sincere appreciation and congratulations to all award winners because of their hard work and continuous efforts; to their parents because of their encouragement and care; to their teachers because of their support and guidance. Above all, I personally thank and admire each and every member of ITPET for this intellectual contribution and their team spirit in discovering and awarding the best academic performers from our community every year. From my point of view, this is a wonderful effort and initiative for motivating these young achievers to achieve more and more in their later lives. However, at this happy moment, ITPET has reached the next stage to broaden its horizon of service and stretch out its helping hands one step ahead in identifying and appreciating the best teachers from Pius XI HSS, Thoothoor, in association with other organizations like KFDS, INFIDET, CPO, NLT; etc. The recent researches in education show that, the best students can be created by mainly the best teachers rather than parents, high technologies, other facilities of the school; etc. As the community identifies and recognizes the best teachers, then more number of ordinary teachers can be encouraged and inspired to become as the best teachers eventually for empowering and preparing young generation to face the challenging future. Here, let me recall a chinese proverb that, “If you are planning for a year - sow rice; planning for ten years - plant a tree; planning for a life time - get a quality EDUCATION.”
May our Lord shower enough blessings, strength and grace to all the enlightened members of ITPET for carrying out this noble mission in better ways year by year with a great vision.

Congratz all winners.


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