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People suffered by Heatwave Back
- Baiju Jenet Das
Added @ 16-04-2016@19.48.01(IST)
Last Updated @ 16-04-2016@19.49.49(IST)
[Archive: 2016] 
Thoothoor regional people very much affected by the continuing heatwave. They experienced only fews minutes rain between January to April- till date.Temperature increasing day by day ,it affects their normal walk of life. Social workers asked the people to go green and grow saplings in order to beat the heat.
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RG, Dubai[26-04-2016@00.05.55(IST)]
Manything we are talking but no actiin happening. Please do something.

green, thoothoor[20-04-2016@16.31.40(IST)]
college NCC 2003 AND TFCYM worked the project Green thoothoor , partial co-operation were there from the villages. i agree the comments of freedson , and this project could be extended to all villages in our region as Green thoothoor region , younger generation surely co-operate with this project . youth movement and well wishers to take initiative for this

Platation programme is not a big issue. After the plation to protect the plant and watering is the problem. This has been initiated by Rev, Fr Bankiras trees are planted 24 years before but due to our villagers neglegience all plants are spoiled this is for yours information please think about this and do with well set up.

TTR ian[17-04-2016@12.57.46(IST)]
Plantation program help us to resolve this problem in future. NLT or any other sources initiate this program

one day my neighbours were removing the tree infront of their house i just asked the question why you are removing the tree they said the tree is covering my house that's why we are removing the tree what a funny reason this is a way of thinking of thoothoor region people they won't change but youngsters can make a change they have to come forward and work for green thoothoor region.

it's a good idea but people won't follow


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