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TFCYM’s Lenten season Essay and Quiz competition Winners
- Brolin C Thomas
Added @ 03-04-2016@12.15.18(IST)
[Archive: 2016] 
TFCYM has conducted Essay competition and Quiz competition during the Lenten season. Quiz competition was conducted by issuing questions to all parishioners. Essay competition was conducted for a title “Lenten Days - Thavakkaalam”. The winners were given awards during the Sunday mass on 3rd April 2016. The winners are…

Quiz: (1) Jemarin, Unit 48; (2) Freeda Kasmeer, Unit 8; (3) Shyji Selvamary, Unit 6
Essay: (1) Jayaseeli, Unit 15; (2) Sowmya Antony, Unit 35; (3) Selvamary, Unit 5

Congratulations winners!
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