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Blood Group Search Service in Back
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Added @ 04-03-2016@12.50.47(IST)
[Archive: 2016] introduces Blood Group Search in the website for the benefit of the needy on account of our Silver Jubilee One Day Football Tournament. NLT youths are running a blood donation service since long and our Blood Group Search Service will be ThoothoorCOM's little contribution to their humane effort. The Blood Group Search page also contains an important chart that describes person with which blood groups can donate blood to (& receive blood from) persons which other blood groups. Visit URL-1 to go to the Blood Group Search page.

This Search feature is available in 'Services' menu. Search will be performed in the member database and the result will be shown with details such as Name, Native, Current Location, and the Phone Number. The results will be displayed as per the visibility set by the respective members in their profile. So those who wish to make changes to their profile can please modify your profile data.

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