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Netaji FC wins Adhyayana Trophy hosted at coimbatore.
- Shyju Pathrose

Last Updated @ 14-10-2015:16.44.23(IST)
[Archive: 2015] 
Netaji football club won the winner title of Adhyayana Trophy 5's Football Tournament conducted by Adhyayana International public school coimbatore on 12th Oct 2015. Adhyayana Trophy is one of the best football tournament in coimbatore region and many famous teams from kerala and Tamilnadu state take part of this tournament. In the final match, Thoothoor Netaji FC defeated Ernakulam Kerala FC by 5-3 (In tie breaker) to win the winner title. Netaji team entered the final after defeated Orutti FC Tanjavore by 1-0 in the Quarterfinal and defeated Rathinam FC Coimbatore by 1-0 in the Semifinal match. Netaji team player Mr.Beautin selected as the player of the tournament award. Please visit the team with Winners Cup photo in the below URL-1.

URL-1: .....
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ZAAHID JUKAKU, Chennai [25-07-2018@16.30.39(IST)]
I want to know if there'll be any trials for this team, as I am keen on playing for a good club in Chennai.

Sr.Shyra P, Ernakulam[17-11-2015:22.54.48(IST)]
Congratulations for the teem members of Nataji.
I too am proud of my place. May God bless you still more. Our Thoothoor should grow higher in every aspect.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[15-10-2015:23.25.11(IST)]
Well done!The budding footballers can learn fruitful lessons from Netaji FC so that they can be fit enough to meet future challenges.


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