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NLT to reform the Book Bank facility, people are invited to donate Back
- Robin S
Added @ 30-1-2015:21.37.2(IST)
[Archive: 2015] 
In the joined meeting between TWA (Thoothoor Welfare Association) and NLT (Nethaji Library Thoothoor) that happened couple of weeks ago, the need to reform the book bank facility in NLT is also discussed. TWA would donate a Book Rack to NLT at the cost of Rs 75000/- and the same will be placed in the reading hall. We need more books to make this initiate a success. Those who are willing to donate books to NLT can please hand over the same to Mr. John Britto (Cell: 8300100742). Any unused books in good condition can be donated to NLT.

Also as an additional effort to help our students and youngsters in building their career, it is decided to display genuine list of career guidance website (education & job) in the NLT reading hall. Please note that the WiFi facility has enabled many of our students and youngsters to visit NLT often to use the internet. On this front we are collecting good list of career guidance website in various region (India, Gulf Countries, US/Canada, Europe, and so on). Those who can contribute in this can please contact me (email-id below).

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Vineet Rahne, Bareilly[02-07-2017@18.46.45(IST)]
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Robin. S, Thoothoor...., Dubai[7-2-2015:16.32.42(IST)]
Dear Guest, Can you please separate the website Region wise since the first list of websites are somewhat mixed I think...



Robin.S, Thoothoor[3-2-2015:12.48.22(IST)]
We expect more collection of such like websites as like as sent by Leo.......

Leo Johny, Thoothoor[2-2-2015:21.19.1(IST)]
I appreciate the effort made by NLT and TWA!
Highly recommended websites for Civil Services Exam (IAS, IPS, IFS etc.) are

Paul Victor, Mumbai[2-2-2015:15.6.15(IST)]
It is very good initiative. But I think there is a need of creating awareness on the benefit of reading books. Then only the money and effort putting by NLT and TWA will give benefit otherwise the books will just decorate the reading Hall.

Johnson RF, Canada, Vallavilai [1-2-2015:22.12.21(IST)]
Let us recognize some real facts: 1. Conflicting Career Expectations of parents and young graduates; 2. Unmatched Employer expectations and employee contribution; 3. Career guidance based on potential employee on probation, and 4. Method of delivering such a service.

If you are a candidate with top level marks and groomed to understand employer expectations, you are on smooth sailing. However, most of our graduates do not fall under this category. Hence, it is a good idea to help them with career guidance. Where (city or rural area) you deliver career guidance is also important. The cost associated with it is also important. Think of a Fund to administer this service and how to raise the funds are also worthy of consideration, before setting up a Centre.

When you set up Career Guidance Centre, if a regional effort ( Neerodi to Eraimanthurai) is under consideration, I am willing to put my expertise to help you. Please look into other organizations, in our region, doing similar efforts, to provide advice and moral support to implement it successfully.

Justin Antony[1-2-2015:6.0.40(IST)]
Congrats. Let us be second to none in taking such meaningful efforts.

Very Good Effort.

Robin. S, Thoothoor[31-1-2015:11.19.7(IST)]
Those who are willing can also share the Career Guidance website details in this comment section, apart from sending the same to me.


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