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Thoothoor takes a WiFi leap with a Smart Bus-Stand Back
- Anto Esthappan
Added @ 26-11-2014:13.54.54(IST)
[Archive: 2014] A free WIFI Zone has been launched in Thoothoor by Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC) on 26th Nov 2014 and the required infrastructure is setup in NLT Building. Thoothoor Parish Priest (Asst) Fr. Maria Mentaz Joseph inaugurated this service in the presence of QTC representatives, NLT office bearers and Well-wishers (Photos in URL-1 below). This WiFi facility is available in the Bus Stand area for around 40 meters wide centralized by the NLT Building. This facility allows up to 50 simultaneous users and gives 1mbps data speed. The QTC representatives have made arrangements for the required data filtering and maintenance of the service.

QTC had a vision to help the young generation that wants to learn things and excel, explore new frontiers and build careers. QTC felt that it would be injustice to keep them away from this digital revolution. The service also help the fishermen to get the Sea navigation related information they need.

An NLT well-wisher pointed out that this is a great step towards making NLT an 'e-Library'. Those who have smart phone can just connect and read all news papers from inside and outside NLT premises. People expressed congratulations and thanks to QTC and NLT for taking this trending step to ensure that our people stay ahead.

URL-1: .....
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Sivakumar, NJ (native kuzhithurai)[13-12-2014:18.43.39(IST)]
I studied in St Judes college in 1997. Just when searching I saw this website, I am full of joy and happy for the growth of Thoothoor. Feel very happy today. Now Thoothoor is Wi-Fi village? Well done. But why no information about St Judes college?
Advance Christmas wishes to all my friends

Leo Johny, Thoothoor[1-12-2014:19.38.29(IST)]
I am delighted to be a Thoothoorian, We are ahead of Indian Govt., which is planning to launch Wifi spot in every village Panchayat.

Great work and forward thinking by QTC.

Thadeuse Vargheese, Mumbai[29-11-2014:11.7.41(IST)]
Great work from QTC and NLT and I hope it will encourage others to follow the same in their villages. Well done.

V.ANTONY JAYARAJ, THOOTHOOR[29-11-2014:2.43.44(IST)]
Very great to read the message about installed the wifi system on our native . Thank you very much for your QTC members

Robin. S, Thoothoor[27-11-2014:14.13.51(IST)]
Dear QTC friends & NLT is a tremendous task done for our society. Hope this will continue for further development.... My hearty thanks to Anto Esthappan from QTC who has been behind this project on spending his valuable time along with NLT executives, those are properly inquired about this project, planned well, and have happy to introduced this project. NLT always thinks about the development of our society, and it has a centralized role for such like development. It is a mutual cooperative work between QTC & NLT. This is just an initiative.

Hope that all of our Associations such as TWA- UAE, TFCYM, TFA-Chennai, KANIYAM-Thoothoor, ITPET, etc., along with NLT planning together, and to be ready for financial assistance for this like development activities. If so, surely our society could achieve more and more at any field of professions.

Danger Boys Thoothoor[27-11-2014:11.15.31(IST)]
Our sincere Thanks to the QTC and NLT

Many more thanks this great step from QTC.

Clancious c regino, Thoothoor[26-11-2014:23.49.9(IST)]
Our sincere thanks to the QTC members those who taking place on this proect.....

Arulseelan.B, Andaman[26-11-2014:20.39.31(IST)]
Weldon QTC.... u have done a very good work. Keep it up and help our community Youths...

Well done Qatar Thoothoor Community. You are rocking...

Jaison cyril.C, Thoothoor[26-11-2014:17.11.19(IST)]
weldone..... nice work!!!!''


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