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TFCYM's magazine, Sigarangalai Thoduvom July 2014 issue, published Back
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Thoothoor Forane Catholic Youth Movement (TFCYM) has published their Sigarangalai Thoduvom magazine July 2014 issue. The scanned copy of the same is available in URL-1 below. TFCYM restarted this magazine from last month. To know more about TFCYM, please visit their Home page under Organizations listings.

URL-1: .....
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K.R.Rajan, Sharjah[26-7-2014:14.34.42(IST)]
The contents of the magazine are better than any other magazine available in the market today. keep it up dear publishers and contributors. Good work..

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[21-7-2014:23.7.8(IST)]
Let us encourage the youth to come out with more such articles in their ensuing publications.

P.Espin, Re.Maldives[21-7-2014:14.26.0(IST)]
Good readers are good thinkers,
Good thinkers are good writers,
Good writers are good talkers,
Good talkers can be good Leaders.
In the above perception, it is the most valuable initiative and effort of TFCYM to promote reading, thinking, writing, talking and leading skills of young generation. Over all, it can be an instrument for all round development of personality and unity. Therefore, it could be better if all the villagers of Thoothoor forane come together and show their cooperation for the long life of this magazine. Moreover, as a part-2 of this megazine, if English articles are attached, it can be more colourful, useful and worthy. WISHES FOR ALL THE SUCCESS!

Good effort TFCYM. Please share the contact details of the responsible person who collect all the news details in the next month edition. This would be helpful for people who is stay outside of thoothoor.


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