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Selection of NLT Office Bearers and NLT One Day Football Tournament 2014. Back
- Baiju Jenet Das
Added @ 2-4-2014:12.47.15(IST)
[Archive: 2014] NLT meeting was conducted in NLT building on 31st March 2014. There were lot of changes done in the previously selected NLT office bearers, as most of them did not show interest continuing in the position.

The new office bearers are Mr.Mariadhason (President), Mr. Kumar (Vice President), Mr. Jose Bilbin (Secretary), Mr. Urumans (Joint Secretary), Mr. Arbin (Treasurer). There are certain decisions taken regarding the Easter Day One day Football Tournament after the new office bearers took charge.The tournament committee has formed which consist of 40 members across the native.

The tournament committee executives are Mr.John Britto (convenor), Mr.John bosco (co-convenor) and Mr.Soosai Antony (Team manager).

Let us congratulate the new office bearers and the tournament committee members and wish them all the best.
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Guest, Thoothoor[4-4-2014:16.30.3(IST)]
Good to know, Mr. Jose Bilbin has taken responsibility as Secretary for doing good job in this special and memorable foot ball tournament. Wish u all the best..

Guest, Thoothoor[4-4-2014:11.49.13(IST)]
We are excited to hear about NLT tournament.Please update in this regard.


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