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Nataji Library General Body Meeting on 6th July 2013, new Office Bearers to be selected Back
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NLT (Netaji Library Thoothoor) general body meeting will be conducted on Saturday, 6th July 2013. Below is the message from NLT president Dr. A. Sajeen about this meeting.
Dear friends,

The General Body meeting of NLT is scheduled to be held at 4pm on 6th July 2013 at NLT Thoothoor. NLT is inviting all well wishers and Thoothoor parishioners to attend this meeting.

1. Recruitment of new members.
2. Selection of office bearers to run the Library & Sports Club.

A. Sajeen

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Shyjin, Thoothoor[23-7-2013:11.29.48(IST)]
Dr Sajeen Sir, Please publish the newly elected office bearers details so that we can communicate them for suggestion or else some clarification. We heard that some monthly article's are stopped for subscribing.Peoples are ready to sponsor for those stopped subscription. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

shyjin, thoothoor[13-7-2013:21.27.21(IST)]
we want the name list that who all are selected for the new office bearers.........

Admin -[7-7-2013:20.49.46(IST)]
Got some update from NLT president Dr. Sajeen that...
- The meeting was conducted on 6th July with less quorum in spite of hard efforts made to make more people to attend.
- Few office bearers were selected including couple of women nominees but some other positions are still not filled. Offline discussions are going on to get the consent from the current nominees and to fill the vacant positions.
- Dr. Sajeen, whose earlier resignation as president was not accepted, would continue as the president of NLT.
- Final outcome of the meeting and decisions will be made public very soon.

Arulseelan.B, Andaman[7-7-2013:19.14.24(IST)]
Please yaravathu NLT meeting ennachunu update pannungappa.

Select the administrators who is Educated, self Motivated and willing to work for develop our NLTs activities and our Society for a minimum period of one year atleast

Mariy Dhasan, Thoothoor[6-7-2013:13.25.19(IST)]
Koodi Valnthaal Kodi Nanmai.
Inna Saithaarai Oruththal Avar
Naana Nannayam Seithal

Robin. S, Thoothoor[5-7-2013:15.34.58(IST)]
I agree Mr.Arulseelan's comment.
Meanwhile, NLT has developed many people from our native & neighbours on education, sports, & cultural, and social activities. But now, we dont know for what reason it focuses only on sports. In the sports, only a limited people gets benefit, but it is an optional. Hope on the new admin. will focus on rest of all activities. This is what I agreed Mr.Arulseelan's quote 'Select the administrators who is Educated, self Motivated and willing to work for develop our NLT's activities and our Society for a minimum period of one year atleast'.

Arulseelan.B, Andaman[5-7-2013:12.12.31(IST)]
Best Wishes those who all are going to attend the NLTs general body meeting at NLT. Please keep in mind that NLT is for Developing all of us in Thoothoor and neighbours. NLT has done so many good things for our people,So never allow anybody to DESTROY its DIGNITY and those who all are planning to utilise NLT for their own personal motives... NLT is a GREAT SYMBOL of THOOTHOORs UNITY.
Select the administrators who is Educated, self Motivated and willing to work for develop our NLTs activities and our Society for a minimum period of one year atleast.
God Bless You All....

Robin. S, Thoothoor[5-7-2013:4.3.14(IST)]
I think nothing will happen in special from the silence of NLT.

Dr.A Sajeen, Thoothoor[3-7-2013:16.39.12(IST)]
Happy St Thamas Feast

Well Wisher[2-7-2013:11.32.41(IST)]
Robin/Arulseelan.... Webcasting/Skype is an option for the registered participants. But who can sponsor this expenditure.May be NLT is the right choice..

Robin. S, Thoothoor[1-7-2013:22.32.0(IST)]
Is it possible to answer to Mr.Arulseelan's comments.
We never avoid the real well wishers of NLT even those who are away from our native. All those people must contribute their ideas before the meeting based on the Agenda. It should not in favour of particular people/group.

TM, Dubai[30-6-2013:12.25.27(IST)]
Why new office bearers now?. Current office bearers selected only few months back. We need office bearers who can continue for long.

Lucas Suresh, China[29-6-2013:11.51.28(IST)]
Thank s to Well Wisher good questions and Thanks to Guest good and clean answer.

Dr. Sajin, Your reply was impolite.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[28-6-2013:22.51.3(IST)]
Well Wisher should have visited the library before asking the question about the account.At the moment, the library notice board is giving you a vivid picture so as to satisfy your thirst.

Hi Well Wisher, Tournament Committee submitted the accounts already. It is announced in Church also.

shyjin, chennai[27-6-2013:14.2.36(IST)]
we need stable office bearers who can serve for long

Well Wisher, Thoothoor[27-6-2013:12.25.15(IST)]
Is the Tournament Committee submitted the Finance details (Acc) of the last tournament/2013 ?

Arulseelan.B, Andaman[26-6-2013:18.48.49(IST)]
Dear Admin, please arrange a way to convey our (those who are away from Thoothoor and willing to develop our NLT and its activities) views in this meeting.


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