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Mr.Cleedin F from Thoothoor awarded PhD in Commerce and Management. Back
- Maria Jin L

Last Updated @ 23-5-2013:19.13.27(IST)
[Archive: 2013] 
Mr. Cleedin F. from Thoothoor has successfully completed Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Commerce and Management from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. The title of the research is HOUSING FINANCE IN KANYAKUAMARY DISTRICT, Tamilnadu.

Mr. Cleedin (S/o Mr. Francis & Mrs. Mary from Thoothoor) married Mrs. Rani E. from Pozhiyoor.

ITPET and congratulate Mr.Cleedin for this remarkable achievement.
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jain, bangalore[19-6-2013:15.12.43(IST)]

Antony Jerin, Thoothoor[9-6-2013:7.31.13(IST)]
congrats,Dr.Cleedin.Jerin & Family.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[1-6-2013:22.37.18(IST)]
Hearty congratulations to Dr.Cleedin

surgen, KSA[31-5-2013:12.8.30(IST)]
Congratulation brother. God Bless u...

P.Espin, Re Maldives[31-5-2013:8.18.59(IST)]
Sincere Congratulations to Dr.Cleedin!!!
It is a pleasure to read that, nowadays, a considerable number of intellectuals from our
areas are getting PHD degrees in various universities. Even though, very least
number of them, like Dr.Albaris, come forward to write about their research work as summary or articles form to the benefit of whole community. Today’s writings are for tommorw’s history to young generation in future, that will teach the evolution and revolution of the past. Moreover, any experimental truth or hypothesis can be a stepping
stone and light of human society for further development. Therefore, as Mr. RF. Johnson mentioned that, these phd holders can take some effort to write something about their research work or a topic related to their fields to make to be more colourful and alive too.

Edwin Jerome[30-5-2013:16.2.42(IST)]

Tom, Dubai[27-5-2013:21.47.43(IST)]
congrats brother.

poulose johnson, mumbai[27-5-2013:13.9.33(IST)]
congrats dear cleedin,we r proud of you,

Fr. Anish MMI, Thoothoor[27-5-2013:11.11.56(IST)]
Congrats...Dear Cleedin. All the best 4 ur future and May God bless U.

Lucas Suresh, China[27-5-2013:9.47.32(IST)]
Congratulation Dr. Cleedin

Dr P Justin Antony[26-5-2013:21.29.10(IST)]
Wishing for many more feathers in your cap.

Arulseelan.B, Thoothoor[26-5-2013:16.42.21(IST)]
Congrates. God Bless all your ways.

savio, thoothoor[26-5-2013:9.59.46(IST)]
Hi Brother, Congratulations! and wishing you all the very best for your future

Barwin Vino Robin[26-5-2013:11.26.46(IST)]
Congrats Dr. Cleedin

Robin. S, Thoothoor[25-5-2013:21.53.32(IST)]
Congratz Cleedin. Wish you to achieve more & more. Wish Mrs. Rani Cleedin too who supported him in all level of his this great achievement.

Johannan Lazer, USA[25-5-2013:5.10.58(IST)]
Congratulation Cleedin.

Johnson RF, Canada[24-5-2013:21.3.44(IST)]
This is a good news story that one of us researching the primary needs i.e. housing and financing. I would be interested to read the executive summary of you research and see how we can make user knowledge and skills to the benefit of our community. Congratulations.

With Dr. Cleedin's permission, you should publish his research summary in the website. Just a thought.

Prashiep Venchas, Thoothoor[24-5-2013:18.58.3(IST)]
Congrats...Mr.Cleedin.All the best of your future...

Vijay, Saudi[24-5-2013:19.57.32(IST)]

Leo Johny, Thoothoor[24-5-2013:14.39.37(IST)]
Hi Brother, Congratulations! and wishing you all the very best for your future endeavors

Damin Johny, Chennai[24-5-2013:18.21.43(IST)]
Congrats brother

Bebin, Thoothoor[24-5-2013:12.36.18(IST)]

Amalraj M, Mumbai[24-5-2013:10.25.42(IST)]

Don Thadeuse, Mumbai[24-5-2013:9.38.38(IST)]
Congrats Mr.Cleedin. All the best for your future endeavors.

Gavaskar, Chennai[24-5-2013:9.2.49(IST)]
Congratulation... Dear Brother.

Christin B[23-5-2013:19.21.32(IST)]
Congratulation... Mr. Cleedin



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