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Current issues in NLT and Suggestions for Future - Dr. Sajeen's Note
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Added @ 17-4-2013:13.8.56(IST)
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There are concerns and instability around Netaji Library over the last few months. The 22nd One Day football tournament of NLT was accomplished recently under the presidency of Dr. Sajeen. Below is a note from Dr. Sajeen in which he expresses his views about the current issues in NLT and suggestions for future.

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Arulseelan.B, Andaman[2-5-2013:22.2.43(IST)]
Is there any progress on that issue we faced in Thoothoor regarding the NLT. If so please update the details, we are eager to know about that. And i am ready to share my ideas and myself for the development of NLT. Please let know the current status of that issues.

Guest, thoothoor[1-5-2013:15.27.9(IST)]
robin's Suggestion is good for everythink. now NLT activity is showing NLT only for more suggestion, we shall divide into three division.
1. NLT reading room , it is exiting now
2. NLT sport centre , new building in st.Thomas nager
3. NLT e-centre for email and book borrowing, it is in common place for five village .

Gavaskar, Thoothoor[1-5-2013:12.29.25(IST)]
Dear Sajeen Sir , Arulseelan and Robin's feedback/suggestion looks good. I am also inline with their comments. What is your suggestion about their comments?. What shall we do as the implementation perspective.? Kindly share us your suggestion as well.Thanks

Robin. S, Thoothoor[24-4-2013:0.42.30(IST)]
Mr.Arulseelan's suggestions are to be more considerable.
In 3rd point, why should we not create separate committee for Education & Social activities if it is there for sports since more people would benefit here more than sports. Besides, the administration people need not be educated/graduated, but talented for the development of our society.
6th & 7th points are must be in the forum of new administration & and to be action oriented to fulfill the expectations of majority of our people/well wishers of NLT.
Let us initiate the steps at earliest. In this scenario, Mr.Maria Vijayan & Dr.Albaris could have given more suggestion/information.

RS, Dubai[23-4-2013:18.8.59(IST)]
Many things happened in our place. Matured village will move forward together with spirit of growth, not think too much of past. Past incidents is learning purpose useful. Nobody is 100% correct. It is old management or the new management, both side there may mistakes. It is 100% wrong if says old management did all correct, and similarly new management also. So mistake is human nature (management is humen). If we want to spending time discussing mistakes, we can do it many many years. But what is use for village or public?

All problems are becasue many groups in our loving village. But if we go and speak to all groups, they all have same dream of for good Thoothoor. So all are saying same goal, so why they are seperated? They are seperated because of the ego fight of who is BIG? Who is BIG?. The real BIG people will not create problem in the village. Who make problems are silly people of village.

We have lack of good leaders to create plan for the common goal. People are busy. One day jump shout all thing after silent. Who do action?????

Observer , Fishermen community[21-4-2013:11.12.11(IST)]
Thank you Dr.Sajeen for your initiation to tackle the problems in conducting the foot ball tournament and NLT administration etc.I was waiting for the feedbacks from our visitors for your letter.In fact i thought there will be again immoral comments like the day of match but disciplined suggestions from the readers end.Fine.
I really supporting the views of Mr.Arul seelan.First his concerns about the language Dr.Sajeen handled in his is mostly visied by the ordinary people those who are not fluent in the brittish language including myself.
Second thing his suggestion for future plans.Fantastic all except the points no 6 and 7.Specially the induction of females in the ground is good motivation.Please try to be convinced.We all are humans.There is no human without flip and flaws.let us try to forget the past and mesh our hands for the betterment of the fishermen community.If you try to pinch the wound it will not cure faster.Let us all move positively and try to be proud not as thoothoorian as fisherman.

Quest [20-4-2013:21.8.36(IST)]
Good thoughts Sajeen anna. Do more in actions and make our village as an good example and don't let the bad elements to destroy our thoothoor's serenity, forward thinking and positive attitudes. Lets all collectively try to remove the negative thoughts and bad elements, which is the halt for the welfare of our community. Just like the sea waves the energy our community is very strong , the way people like you should channelize the strong waves and open good energy's to our adolescents, bloomings , adults and seniors to the path of success and harmless community. Definitely the energy should be channelized to the path of success and model community.

Arulseelan.B, Andaman[19-4-2013:23.10.31(IST)]
Here is my words to say now,

Make a mass meeting near the premises of our NLT by making a public announcement through the church, a Board notice, and notice through and FB, Email and all other possible ways.

Before that has make arrangements for a live E-Conference on a particular Date and Time for all the willing members of Thoothoor and well wisher of NLT has to participate in it and discuses our thoughts who all are not able to attend the meeting in thoothoor. We sort list our ideas and present it in the meeting through our representatives.

1.Form a temporary committee and make initial renovating moves, collect the old records

2.Renew the NLT Old Memberships and Join New Members (Gents & Ladies)

3.Select or Elect a good Powerful Administrative team for Lead Our NLT. Form a separate Sports Committee for Sports Activities. When Selecting or Electing the Administration team members must be Educated.

4.Re Create/Modify the Bylaws for NLT and separate section for the Sports Activities made by NLT.

5.Appoint a Paid Librarian for Maintain our Library.

6.Then Identify and take necessary action against who all are planed and activated the attack over NLT.

7.Then take action against players who played opposite to Our NLT Football Team.

8.Sports is not the only activity done by the NLT, So we have develop the other activities like Fine Arts, Carrier Guidance Programs, Blood/Eye Donation Camps, Motivation Camps, and so on…

We the Model Village of Thoothoor has to be Retained as Modern Model Village.

Be Proud to be a Indian
Be Proud to be a Tamilan
Be Proud to Be a Thoothoorian.
Be Proud to Be a NLT Member.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[19-4-2013:22.0.12(IST)]
Dear Mr.Marto,

Your words very clearly indicate that you had an intensive study about this subject. I thank you very much for that.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[19-4-2013:21.42.57(IST)]
Dear Robin,
Your effort to bring about real and lasting change in the society is very clear from your words.I thank you very for this.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[19-4-2013:21.10.49(IST)]
Dear Sahayaraj,
Your keenness to see oneness among our people shows your enthusiasm on the issues of our village.Thank you very much for the confidence you have bestowed upon our people.Let us put in a combined effort to accomplish this task.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[19-4-2013:20.59.28(IST)]
Dear Sabu,
Your suggestion regarding the organisation of the constitution is highly appreciated.You may come out with your plan as to what different aspects that are to be included while framing the constitution.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[19-4-2013:20.46.42(IST)]
Dear Mr.Arulseelan,
You have aroused considerable curiosity in knowing the contents of my note in Tamil. Thank you very much for that.I don't think I can.Yet, I shall try.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[19-4-2013:20.31.29(IST)]
Dear Espin sir,
I thank you very much for your timely response.I understand that you are curious enough to know much about the future development of Nethaji Sports Club.Your reference about 'Quit India Movement' deserves my praises and appreciation.

Paulose anto xaviour, Chennai[19-4-2013:13.52.21(IST)]
Very happy to read at least some of you people interested to sort out our NLT problem.Thank you very much for the same and suggestions.

Marto, Charlotte,USA[19-4-2013:9.20.55(IST)]
Thanks Sajeen Sir for the nice Write up of the issue.

My personal view is lot of people talking about the issue over electronic Medias and criticizing the decision taken by NLt Board Members.But I'm not sure how many will come forward to talk about this in a Public forum or Board meeting.

The Truth is we cannot satify everyone, and we need to take decision which shouldn' create an issue in our Native.I feel thats the only reason we had the Tournament this Year.I would like to appreciate everyone who were part of conducting this tournament in a peaceful manner.

One more Suggestion - We need to come up with a Rule in NLT to take strict action against the Thoothoor Players those who play against our Home Land.

P.Espin, Re Maldives[18-4-2013:17.16.36(IST)]
Dr.Sajeen said that sport events are meant for peace and harmony. International events aim to develop friendly relations and understandings among nations. I sincerely appreciating him for his wonderful statements regarding sports and also it is an accepted universal truth. Because, before independence(1947)the white men(Europeans) were being considered as our enemies and even our father of nation, Gandhiji made a slogan that
“white men! get out of the country”(vezhlayene
vezhliyeru)but now the same white men being invited to our country and allowed them to play in our own teams for IPL cricket matches being held in India with irrespective of the difference in colour, cast and country. The whole world is watching these matches and admiring the global friendly nature of Indians as well as recognizing the sportive spirit. Like that, I wish NLT can take enough efforts and initiatives for conducting many more sport events to sustain and maintain the unity and sportive strength of our fishermen community in future. Sports and games are the assets of human society and it should be reserved and preserved for our future healthy generation at any cost.

Robin. S, Thoothoor[18-4-2013:11.0.18(IST)]
Dear friends,
I would like to thank to Dr.Sajeen first, for his reveals of feelings about our NLT present situation, the view of our parish people, the mistakes of players who played for other parish, the situation on it the Administration could not take action against them, etc.,. Since he entirely involved on these issues, had discussions with many people, and seated as President of NLT by the strong request of many well wishers of NLT….. he could understand the views of our people more than us (other individual), and handled that situation as not bad. But I feel to regret about his resignation from the presidential post. The people those who were requested him to being as President, those were expected him that he could handle the situation to satisfy all well wishers of NLT. Now, the people may think that everybody will do the same only on the time of Football Tournament, and compromise people by giving commitment to those who were not cooperate, and those will leave after that.
We most welcome of his suggestion of joining ladies membership along with gents/ renewal of By-Law, constructive committee with youngsters. These would be in soon action.

My Suggestions as below;
1. Only Senior person has to come as President in this situation. For, in his presidential, the strong Administrative committee, a constructive By-Law, and disciplinary actions, etc., have to develop. Dr.Sajeen’s BL., graduation will support in this scenario too.

2. The NLT should not be idle apart from Football Tournament. Instead, it would focus on Social Activities, Education & Competitive Exam awareness, Cultural activities, many other sports, and etc.,

3. We could develop our NLT by providing many books within our Library, related with TNPSC, UPSC/ Civil Service, TET/NET/SLET/GATE, Fisheries Officers/ Customs/Navy/Army/, etc., to develop our society people. The enough space available by making Rack in both side walls in the Library.

4. The NETAJI’s Day we should celebrate in grant.


Sahayaraj S.J[18-4-2013:4.34.44(IST)]
'There would be no violence if the public was free from consuming alcohol'

I would like to thank Dr.Sajeen for coming forward with new ideas to unite and strengthen NLT. As a preacher I would say, alcohol is not the root cause for all the problems we have today. Greed for power,greed for money, greed for popularity.

You should be proud as a Thoothoorian, because you have only one NLT. I've seen many coastal villages with handful of organisations. Guys who want to showoff create organisations and split the united village into group of families. So far thoothoor is considered as THE MODEL COASTAL village. The other villages learned from Thoothoor, TWA and always inspires youngsters from other villages.

Since Thoothoor is considered as the model village, I would humbly request you guys to come together and have a open discussion and prove you are still ONE.

I'm 100% sure you guys will understand the importance of being ONE and will come forward to work together for a BETTER community.

Nice Initiative.

Sabu John, Sharjah[17-4-2013:16.8.6(IST)]
Dear Dr. Sajeen, I feel it is a good initiative. Those who love library and Thoothoor, will forget the differences and will come forward for the betterment. A serious bylaw book should be created and maintained. Each and every aspect should be discussed in detail in the book. Please make a cutoff date and complete the process. If I can contribute towards this process, please let me know.

Arulseelan.B, Andaman[17-4-2013:15.1.42(IST)]
Mr.Sajeen sir, I appreciate the concern.
for me Its very difficult to understood your view in your English as what you mean. Because its now a very sensitive issue in thoothoor and for or NLT, So please can you make a Tamil copy of it and send to me/,that copy may make me to mingle hands with you more confidently with my ideas for our development.


Thank you all . . . for your suggestions on the "what-next" evolution of the website!

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