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NLT Invites all Football Fans to 22nd One Day Football Tournament Back
- Paulose Anto Xaviour
Added @ 21-3-2013:22.43.30(IST)
[Archive: 2013] On behalf of the NLT president, I cordially invite all football fans of Thoothoor and Neighbor villages to the 22nd One Day Football Tournament of Netaji Library Thoothoor which is to be held on 31st March 2013. Please consider this as a personal invitation and attend the tournament and experience the greatest momentum of football in our area.

The teams to be participated in the tournament are Malapuram AYC, Malabar 7’s, Jai Hind Pulluvilai, Thindukal, Ulloor Trivandrum, Pondichery, Udhaya Parithiyoor, St.Jame’s Vaniyakudi, Vallavilai SASC, NLT Blue, NLT Yellow and Nethaji Junior.

Visit the below URL for the tournament banner.

URL-1: .....
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dear commander, you have the rights to give commands but do not have rights make problems.

baiju, chennai[17-4-2013:18.47.17(IST)]
hi fans our village did NTL foot ball tournament with a great success. through this year tournament our village's fame reached all over the world , through webcast, telecast,especially with chief guest too.

well wisher, thoothoor[11-4-2013:8.12.1(IST)]
We are eagerly waiting for the foto’s and prize info.

Admin -[5-4-2013:19.16.37(IST)]
Thanks Christin. The tournament result is updated in the message scroll immedeately after the tournament. We are waiting for others details from NLT like guests attended, teams entered quarter final, teams entered semi finals, and other award details etc. Why cannot you take the ownership, collect the details and send it to us. We will be able to put the details only after we get the same.

Christin B, Thoothoor[5-4-2013:17.43.39(IST)]
Dear Admin

The NLT tournament was over, but till the date didn't updated any tournament report and Photo.

P.Espin, Re.Maldives[1-4-2013:21.7.37(IST)]
Sincere congratulations!!!! to NLT for grand success of one day football tournament. This mega event proudly highlights that the spirit of sport and football as well as the unity of the community.In this regard you are the ROLE MODEL to others. At this juncture,let me put a humble request for organizing another Cricket tournament in the next festival season with same spirit and unity to find out the most talented young
cricketers from the soil of fishermen for getting
opportunity to join IPL or even our national team in future.(remember that nothing is impossible for fisherfolks)

sha, dubai[23-3-2013:19.8.2(IST)]
hello good, this is sevens football tournament, normally the teams from tamil nadu(except NLT) never performs well. We are really happy with the teams & very much sure that this time also the tournament will become huge success

Have done good job, appreciate your hard work but still not happy with teams. Would have been much better if there were few standard teams like Chennai and Ooty etc...

Dubai friends, UAE[21-3-2013:23.8.26(IST)]
what about web casting?


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