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Awardee's list for ITPET Awards’2012 Back
- Maria Jin L

Last Updated @ 18-7-2012:18.41.7(IST)
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ITPET (IT Professionals and Engineers of Thoothoor) is giving awards to academic achievers during St. Thomas feast mass every year. The list of shortlisted awardee's for ITPET Awards ’2012 are given below.

ITPET Awards '2012
Award TitleAward WinnerParentsMarkDept/InstituteNative
HSC 1st-Thoothoor LevelJoffe LMr.Lambert & Mrs Helen1055/1200Commerce, Pius XI HSSThoothoor
HSC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelDareus CMr.& Mrs.Christopher1008/1200Civil, Pius XI HSSThoothoor
SSLC 1st-Thoothoor LevelVejens Vishal AntonyMr.& Mrs.Antony444/500Pius XI HSSThoothoor
SSLC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelRisony X MajishaMr.Xavier & Mrs.Marshella437/500Pius XI HSSThoothoor
HSC 1st-Forane LevelChris Elakkia AMr.Joris Antony Xavier & Mrs.Jenoba1137/1200Maths,Alphonsa Matriculation school NagercoilThoothoor
SSLC 1st-Forane LevelAhila Mary AMr.Augustin & Mrs.Suseela480/500John Bonal Matric School MarthandanthuraiNeerodi
PhDPunitha ShajiMr.Matthias & Mrs.Mariarthamma-CommerceThoothoor
PhDBarwin Vino RobinMr.Aruldhason & Mrs.Starammal-Marine BiologyThoothoor
PhDMary MMr.Mariathasan & Mrs.Paniamma-TamilThoothoor
YEAR AwardCommerce Dept of Pius XI HSS for their differentiating performance in the 2012 HSC Public Examinations
Subject Centum *GeethuMr.& Mrs.Siluvadasan200/200 (Accountancy)Commerce, Pius XI HSSPoothurai
Subject Centum *Joffe LMr.Lambert & Mrs Helen200/200 (Commerce)Commerce, Pius XI HSSThoothoor
Subject Centum *Daniel JMr.& Mrs.James100/100(Social Science)SSLC, Pius XI HSSThoothoor

* Subject Centum Awards will be handed over to the Head Master of Pius XI HSS

ITPET is giving these awards since 2006. All IT Professionals and Engineers from Thoothoor are part of ITPET. If you are an IT professional from Thoothoor but not part of ITPET yet, please send an email (email-id given below) to join with it. To know more about ITPET, please visit the the 'ITPET Page' at URL 1.

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Maria Jin L. [4-7-2012:18.46.48(IST)]
@Well Wisher : Forane Topper in HSC [Ms.A. Chris Elakkia] studied at Alphonsa Matriculation school Nagercoil and Forane Topper in SSLC [ Ms.Ahila Mary A] studied at John Bonal Matric School

Well Wisher[4-7-2012:17.20.36(IST)]
Forane level students in which school study?

Great guys. These awards are motivation for student and ITPET doing good job.
One more point is forane level SSLC 1st (480/500) is amazing and unbelievable. Let God bless that girl to achieve more in future.

Dr P Justin Antony[3-7-2012:16.8.54(IST)]
As there is no introduction needed to the moon in the sky, so is to the ITPET and for their motivational service. Keep it up!!!!

P.Espin, Re Maldives[3-7-2012:11.21.21(IST)]
Congratulations to all award winners of ITPET-2012 including the prestigious year award winner. Special Thanks to all members of ITPET including administrator of for your support,encouragement and motivation to provide quality education on our community.I strongly believe and wish that your cooperation and service will be magnified year by year for the betterment and fast growth of our people.

JOFFE, THOOTHOOR[2-7-2012:21.38.13(IST)]


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