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Mrs. Mary M from Thoothoor earned PhD in Tamil Back
- Maria Jin L

Last Updated @ 29-6-2012:8.26.0(IST)
[Archive: 2012] Mrs. Mary M from Thoothoor has successfully completed Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Tamil from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli. The title of the research is 'நவீன நகைப்புதிர்கள்'. Mrs. Mary is working as an Asst. Professor, Department of Tamil in St.Jude’s College Thoothoor.

Mrs. Mary (D/o Mr. Mariathasan & Mrs. Paniammal, Thoothoor) married Mr.Jerin A from Thoothoor.

ITPET and congratulate Mary for this remarkable achievement.
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Edwin Jerome[5-9-2012:8.32.48(IST)]
Congratulation Mrs. Mary Jerin

Jerin, Thoothoor[3-9-2012:21.40.22(IST)]
valthukkal madam.

Sr.Hamlet, thoothoor[18-7-2012:20.21.58(IST)]

Very Congratulation Mrs. Mary Jerin , We are waiting for you to make a significant contribution to the development of our Native.

RAJEE, SAUDI ARABIA[6-7-2012:19.16.34(IST)]
Dear Dr.Mary Jerin,
we all are wishing you for this award of PHD in Tamil with our whole hearted and it will be very previliage for every Thoothoorian to remember your great effert in getting tis precious and valuable award in your life.This credit will also goes to my beloved bother Mr.A.Jerin who really engaraged and initiated her to get this award at any cost.
We wishing you again her to get more and more new Award like this in HER future studies.

Wishes & Prayers From
Ruhi,Ruth,Punitha & Rajee

jenetdas, thoothoor[2-7-2012:14.43.7(IST)]
hello madam ...vazhthukkal , chemmozhil munaivar pattam perumaikuriathu ...aaivu payanam matru pudirhalai nokki thodarattum...

Johnson RF, Canada[2-7-2012:6.36.23(IST)]
I liked what Dr. Justin Antony said about Mrs. Mary Jerin. Congratulations on your accomplishment.

Congrats Mrs Mary

Sabu John , Sharjah [29-6-2012:18.24.36(IST)]
Our heartiest congratulations..

Johannan Lazer, USA[29-6-2012:4.31.15(IST)]
Congrats Mrs.Mary Jerin

antony alckias, South Africa[28-6-2012:23.52.6(IST)]
what was the PHD Tamil research subject.

Dr P Justin Antony & Family[28-6-2012:11.23.38(IST)]
The words are so small to congratulate Dr Mary Jerin on her being awarded Ph. D. Dr. Mary is a multi faceted personality - a social worker, human rights activist, writer, speaker and above all a person of values and vision. We wish her many more laurels.

V.BerlinAnto, Dubai[28-6-2012:0.6.43(IST)]
congratulation Mrs.Mary Jerin


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