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Report of NLT’s 21st One Day Football Tournament Back
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Added @ 10-4-2012:21.30.45(IST)
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Udhaya Parithiyoor won the title of 21st One Day Football Tournament of NLT, amidst the tight competition between 12 renowned teams.

The tournament inauguration ceremony is started at around 9.30 in the morning by hoisting the National Flag. Dr. Albaris delivered the welcome speech. There were 12 league matches and each team played 2 league matches. The winners of league round were Netaji Yello, Udhaya Parithiyoor, Malabar Sevens, and Thoppu. In the first semi-final, Udhaya Parithiyoor defeated Netaji Yellow for 2-1. In the second Semi final, Malabar Sevens defeated Thoppu for 1-0. In the final match Udhaya Parithiyoor defeated Malabar Sevens for 1-0, and became the winner of the 21st One Day Football Tournament.

As usual the audience strength was huge, and they had a good time watching the game of their favorite teams and excellent game. Many guest visited the game including our MLA Mr.John Joseph, Kanyakumari District Sports Officer Mr. Siva Kumar, Fr. Sanu Ouseph, Fr. Ephreme, Fr. Steephan, Police High Officials, Senior footballers, and respectable well wishers.

The photos of Mr. Xavier (Driver), and Mr. G.Rhymond is opened in the stage by the parish priest in order to honor their contribution for Netaji Library and for the society.

The Prize Distribution ceremony was facilitated by Thoothoor parish priest Fr. Sanu Ouseph, Thoothor Panchayat President John, Police Officer Mr. Joseph, and Police Inspector Mr. Selvaraj. Dr. Sajeen delivered the Vote of Thanks to conclude the Tournament at around 10.30 in the night.
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Britto , Thuthur[28-4-2012:19.13.41(IST)]
Indian Football Team really missing one great player(Judes)

navin, kappukadu[27-4-2012:12.53.11(IST)]

Arulseelan.B, Andaman[15-4-2012:17.53.54(IST)]
Congratulation NLT Admin. You people made success on 21st One Day Foot Ball Tournament. You people proved the UNITY of Thoothoor. God Bless you all.

Can you Upload the tournament photos

Congratulation of all participation team
Whom the best audience in the Tournament

Dear Admin,
mention the Best player and top Goal of tournament

CONGRATULATIONS...for udaya parithiyoor team members

REEGAN LAZER, THOOTHOOR[11-4-2012:23.19.1(IST)]
Congratulation to nlt for great success of nlt tournament 2012.

We did a fantastic in 21st nlt championship.

congratulation to selection committee of nlt for nlt A AND B team selection.

Nlt A team players delivered the rocking performance but unfortunately they had out of the competition before the finals.

'It's not easy, but we need to think positively. 'It's [nlt championship] not over. In football it's never finished,'

'Loose which wouldn't hurt me much because we had out of the tournament from the semi finals'.

Congratulation Nlt A guys.

NLT B team, Really the young guns has been displayed great football

which message the world that nlt football team has ready to face the fresh challenge from any football team in the world.

I'm proud of all our players for what they did in 21st nlt.

They've done well,It was a good moment for nlt.

It makes you realize when only the thoothoor players stay together, they become a team very easily.'

Now need to continue to win to get the maximum trophies we can.

JOSE, Thuthur[11-4-2012:18.29.32(IST)]
two league matches judes really rock... judes come back again for thuthur netaji team, CONGRATULATIONS JUDES..............

21 years of quality offering by NLT for the people to showcase the spirit of sportsmanship is a great thing to mention.

You have honoured laymen on this great day for their contribution to the society. It is another good gesture.

Audiance View, coastal place[11-4-2012:12.47.10(IST)]
Congratulation to Udhaya Parithiyoor team.

Netaji should have taken this cup on this year. When Netaji were lead one Goal against Paruthiyoor that time JUDES should not go forward without taken his position of back.This is a problem of Nethaji lose the match in semi final against Paruthiyoor.if JUDES had taken his position of back no one defeat him.


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