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Best Blood Donor Award for Nethaji Library Thoothoor Back
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Added @ 14-12-2011:8.20.6(IST)
[Archive: 2011] Nethaji Library Thoothoor(NLT) received Best Blood Donor Award from Kanyakumari District Collector, Tmt. S. Madumathi IAS, on 13th December 2011 in a function held at District Medical College Hospital. It is notable that NLT is the only Club in the district to receive this award, whereas others who received the same were few educational institutions. NLT thanks all the volunteers and blood donors who made this possible. Please visit the below URL for the photos of this event.

URL-1: .....
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prabhuanton, poothurai[9-2-2012:17.12.20(IST)]
very proud of NLT ..............

REEGAN LAZER, THOOTHOOR[13-1-2012:4.39.58(IST)]
Nice to hear and congratz to all NLT members and blood donors.

Robin. S, Thoothoor[16-12-2011:16.0.15(IST)]
My deal all welwishers of NLT, one information also I would like to share with you that one of our NLT member Mr.Binu, S/o.Late.Diccarthose got a House worth about Rs.2.5lakhs during the time of Blood Donation Camp at Thoothoor Community Hall conducted by NLT from the district Collector about 2years back. Congratulation to all members of NLT & the parishioners.

acuri per tutti

My heart full thanks to all the blood donator to achieve the award and save life of others.

Excellent. Thoothoor Nethaji is a most respected library in our area and this award once again proves it. Keep it up boys.

valipokkan, TVM[14-12-2011:18.25.9(IST)]
When receive a call, our people will ready to donate their Bloods. some times to skip the alcohol party to donate blood next day. Now days also we see such activities. I toooo happy. they proved their responsibility. hats off guys.

Arulseelan.B, Andaman[14-12-2011:17.47.30(IST)]
We The NLT, Thoothoorian's get Proud of it...
NLT in the name of the One who make a Ideal Man for India, Who made Everlasting history in India The One and Only Netaji.
Now his followers Rocking...
Keep Rock it man...
NLT Jaiho...
Jaiho NLT....
Jaiho Netaji...
Jaiho Thoothoor Netaji .....

Congrats NLT. You continue as role model.

Francis regon, Eraviputhenthurai[14-12-2011:10.35.30(IST)]
Congratulations to NLT Members, Wish U to have more Such Social activities in future

Justin Antony[14-12-2011:10.24.31(IST)]
Congratulations Mr. Antony Xavier. Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shibu T., Thoothoor[14-12-2011:9.56.33(IST)]
Congratulations to NLT. Continue with your social works. Do more for our people and for their future generation.

MJ, Thoothoor[14-12-2011:9.52.19(IST)]
Great to see this news.This news makes me as a proud NLT-ian.Thanks to all people who behind this great success.

J.Babu, Dubai[14-12-2011:9.35.42(IST)]
It is really very good news that NLT is continuing its social services even after the attack by anti social people


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