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Awardee's list for ITPET Awards’2011 Back
- Maria Jin L
Added @ 28-6-2011:16.26.49(IST)
[Archive: 2011] 
ITPET (IT Professionals and Engineers of Thoothoor) is giving awards to academic achievers since 2006, and these awards would be distributed during St. Thomas feast mass every year. The list of shortlisted awardee's for ITPET Awards ’2011 are given below.

ITPET Awards '2011
Grade & PositionNameFatherMotherMark ScoredNative
HSC 1st-Thoothoor LevelMiss.DowrinalDadinRani1082/1200Thoothoor
HSC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelMiss.Reeja RexyRexyBaby1079/1200Thoothoor
SSLC 1st-Thoothoor LevelMiss.Cajorin MaryEsakiasJaqulin Mary461/500Thoothoor
SSLC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelMr.Amal RajStephenLilly Mary442/500Thoothoor
HSC 1st -Forane LevelMiss.Bensi Benni GasparGaspar BenniMaglin Sibi1188/1200Thoothoor
SSLC 1st -Forane LevelMiss.Jefi RajanRajanLourdammal482/500Poothurai
State Second In FrenchMiss.Bensi Benni GasparGaspar BenniMaglin Sibi198/200Thoothoor
PHDDr.Jain JohnJohn RoseAlbertammal-Thoothoor
PHDDr.Antony Raj GomezGomezJospin Mary-Thoothoor

All IT Professionals and Engineers from Thoothoor are part of ITPET. If you are an IT professional from Thoothoor but not part of ITPET yet, please send a mail to: to join with it.For more details please visit the URL 1.

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Well Wishers[6-7-2011:19.24.50(IST)]
Award distribution went successfully.Ph D holder only not come to receive awards.

P.Espin, Re.Maldives[2-7-2011:10.55.41(IST)]
Congratulations to all Award winners and sincere thanks to all the members of ITPET to promote quality education and encourage the achievers from our community. In future, it could be better, if the winners from St. Jude's college, get the awards like this.

REEGANLAZER, THOOHOOR[1-7-2011:4.55.42(IST)]
Congratulation for all the prize winners and wish you all success for your career..


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