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Thoothoor Football League (TFL) – Married Men 7s Football Tournament Back
- Maria Jin L

Last Updated @ 29-6-2011:23.39.36(IST)
[Archive: 2011] The second Thoothoor Football League (TFL) tournament by Nethaji Library Thoothoor (NLT) will be held from today, 16th June 2011. The final match of this tournament will happen on 4th July 2011, the St. Thomas feast day in Thoothoor. The teams to play in this 2nd TFL tournament are Erayumanthurai, Poothurai, E.P.Thurai, Vallavilai, Thoothoor – Mandapam Friends, Thoothoor – Selected Friends, Thoothoor – Nethaji.

TFL is currently a Thoothoor forane level married men’s football tournament and thus the football fans would get the opportunity to see the talent of their beloved senior football champions from all villages in Thoothoor forane.

Visit the below URL-1 for the TFL Banner ‘2011. Visit URL-2 for the photos of the 1st TFL tournament that happened in 2010. Visit URL-3 for the TFL-2011 score board.

URL-1: .....
URL-2: .....
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B R RENJITH , NITHIRAVILAI [6-9-2012:2.14.48(IST)]

TFL-Org, Thoothoor[5-7-2011:16.7.45(IST)]
Dear Berkmanse,
Due to some inconveniences, TFL tournament is kept on hold until further information.

Berkmense, Vallavilai[4-7-2011:18.56.29(IST)]
Wat next ?? is it a semifinal or a play off
(just like IPL). Can u put the timings of the next matches ..

Suresh, Dubai[4-7-2011:16.1.55(IST)]
please update poothurai players photos as early as possible. you updated all teams photos. why you did not update poothurai team's photos.

robin, thoothoor[4-7-2011:12.7.38(IST)]
please avoid the TFL tournament.Only keep up our great NETAJI FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT every easter festival.It's my own outlook.

robin, thoothoor[4-7-2011:11.50.5(IST)]
TFL useless tournament

Sanu idea is good.Nethaji library can conduct Nattu vilaiyattu League(NVL) every year on MAY.

Well wisher[30-6-2011:12.13.41(IST)]
Thoothoor nethaji won the match against thoothoor-selected friends scored by 4-0. EPThurai get a chance to enter semi final.......

Amalraj M, Chennai[28-6-2011:18.15.6(IST)]
very nice to c the photos. we come 2 know how our old players are looking now.

Xaviour, Bangalore[28-6-2011:8.27.21(IST)]
The team photos are now available, please visit the Score Board for this photo link. Thanks guys for the interest expressed.

Goldwin, Thoothoor[28-6-2011:6.54.11(IST)]
Hello Admin(Poothurai) & Regon,
Its little difficult to display each team players details here, Instead of this we will publish each team's photo shortly. Thanks for your patience.

Francis Regon, Eraviputhenthurai[24-6-2011:15.4.49(IST)]
Good to see Updates of the match, Please try o update team details as suggested by Admin,,

Admin, poothurai[23-6-2011:21.40.47(IST)]
Really nice to heared the such a nice football league.Dear frds if its possible, plz update the players name as well.

Well wisher[23-6-2011:16.44.16(IST)]
Poothurai Rocking.....Superb...Keep it up

Friends you are doing good job., please display the mach schedule also.

Amalraj M , Chennai[22-6-2011:8.50.39(IST)]
Its nice to see match update on website. Great dear friends.

Francis Regon, Eraviputhenthurai[20-6-2011:17.32.23(IST)]
Please Update the ongoing results

Amalraj M, Chennai[19-6-2011:10.27.49(IST)]
fine to see such activities.

I agree with sanu's comment. (He thinking something defferent.) Old games and Old men games are fine, funny and fentastic to see.

Sanu, Pune[18-6-2011:18.40.42(IST)]
These are well appreciatable dynamic programes. But often I see only particular persons in most of these programes. Since we use the name of Thoothoor; we need collect various people from different areas of Thoothoor. But it won't be possible for a forming a better team if we collect new people. But we have our Nattu games like Ettadi, Kellapantu, Kapadi, Ko Ko, Uppu etc in which most of the people including women also can participate. I feel these are ways which will increase the unity andthus open our hearts to Jesus for a Christian life. Also I feel, elderly people of our area are very much separated from the main stream of thoothoor. Their life became only in Karamadi and in Kovil Sabhais today. These types of natural creative initiatives help them to increase joy in their lives. Especially youth of today will be return to the life of our youth of past. Will it possible?????? But will it be possible. I am sure, it will be possible. It's a challenge.

Marto, Charlotte, USA[18-6-2011:10.45.18(IST)]
It would be nice if it is within ourselves..So most of them will get a chance to play

Joy Maria, UAE[16-6-2011:22.29.57(IST)]
Excellent chance for our old foot ball players!!!!! keep it up.

All the Very Best...


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