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Dr. Jain John from Thoothoor gained PhD in Physics Back
- Maria Jin L
Added @ 16-2-2011:21.13.52(IST)
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Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.

We are very happy and proud to inform the family that Mrs. Jain John (W/o Mr. Ditto Selvadasan from Thoothoor) has successfully completed Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. She has achieved this title by choosing complex topics “Crystallography and molecular bio physics” in physics.

ITPET and wishes Dr.Jain John for a successful career life.
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Congratulations.. you can still do more. Pls just don't stop with this Phd, We want you to achieve more. Lets this be a remarkable stepping stone.

Ditto, appreciate your support, patience and encouragement. We salute you sir.

Fr. Arul Jeevan, Pune, Papal Seminary[26-2-2011:15.44.36(IST)]
Congratulations. May god bless you more.

ajith, dubai[21-2-2011:14.28.39(IST)]
congrats... its great......

REEGAN LAZER, THOOTHOOR[21-2-2011:13.26.20(IST)]
congratz did great job.


Maria shibu, thoothoor[20-2-2011:9.59.26(IST)]
congratz Dr.jain for great achivement

BiSTRO, Chinnathurai[19-2-2011:20.42.14(IST)]

prem s, chennai[19-2-2011:19.34.44(IST)]
hi i feel great pleasure and happiness. congratulationsssssssss,


P.Espin, Re.Maldives[19-2-2011:9.26.54(IST)]
Many many congratulations! and wish you to have a vision for becoming a leading scientist in future.

Priya, Chennai[18-2-2011:19.33.53(IST)]
Congratulation Dr Jain John.

Heartiest Congrats Jain (I don't find it good to add 'Dr' before your name in our closed network) on this great achievement. You are one of the youngest one to earn a doctoral degree that too in a tough subject!. All the best.. you are going to be among great personalities...

Bissy Jude , Woodland Hills[17-2-2011:22.5.55(IST)]
Congratulations Dr. Jain for attaining PhD in Physics. Good job Ditto for giving the greatest support for her to attain this life time achievement. Let you both use this God’s gift to inheritance and others around you.

bebin.j, dubai[17-2-2011:17.39.30(IST)]

Amalraj, Hyderabad[17-2-2011:10.17.20(IST)]
Nice to see our people reach the heights.

Dr. P. Justin Antony[17-2-2011:10.3.29(IST)]
Congratulations Jain on your being awarded Ph. D. My wishes for more achievements in the academic field. Sure, that you can swim against current.

Thadeuse D., Mumbai[17-2-2011:9.15.19(IST)]
My heartiest congratulations for your great achievement!!!

Congratulations to you. Such great news will motivate our youngsters to achieve even more victories in education and other field.

Joy Mariathasan, Thothoor[16-2-2011:21.31.13(IST)]
Congratz Headcutters team member and all the best for your future career.You were created a history that an young team(HC) from thoothoor got a PhD holder.Its a remarkable acheivement.Congratulation once again.


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