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NLT’s 19th One Day Day-Night Football Tournament ended with a memorable result Back
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Last Updated @ 4-4-2010:3:32:29 PM
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Nethaji Yellow team won the Winners Trophy in NLT’s 19th One Day Day-Night Football Tournament. Udaya Paruthiyoor team came as runners. There were 12 teams participated in this tournament such as Kovalam FC, Trichur Gymkhana, Nethaji Blue, GVJ Kerela, Idea Sevens Trivandrum, Malappuram Super Studio, Kottaikal Safana, Neerodi St. Nicholas, Malabar Sevens, Udaya Paruthiyoor, Calicut MFA, and Nethaji Yellow. Teams entered semi finals where Idea Sevens Trivandrum, Udaya Paruthiyoor, Nethaji Blue and Nethaji Yellow.
     In the first semi final, Udaya Paruthiyoor defeated Idea Sevens in the tie breaker for 5-4. Nethaji Blue and Nethaji Yellow teams played in the second semi-final amidst the high tensed and enthusiastic audience weather, in which Nethaji Yellow team defeated Blue team with a goal score of 2-1. In the energetic final match, Nethaji Yellow team defeated Udaya Paruthiyoor with a goal score of 1-0 to win the trophy.
     Earlier in the morning, Sri. Rajendra Rathnu IAS (District Collector) inaugurated the tournament. Other guests felicitated the tournament were Sri. Paul Suthanthara Dhas (Kanyakumari district Sports Officer), Sri. Subrahmaniam (Proff., Physical Edu. College, Chennai), Fr. Eugene (Italy), Sri. Dikkarthoose (Thoothoor Panchayat President), Mrs. Delma Vargheese (Ezhudesam Town Panchayat President), Sri. John Joseph (Thoothoor Indian Bank Manager), and many other well wishers of NLT.
     Thoothoor parish priest Fr. Joseph Prasad and Asst. parish priest Fr. Andrews were present to encourage the tournament. Mr. Theerthoose (District football coach) and his team of umpires helped NLT in conducting all matches successfully. NLT president Mr. Maria Vijayan thanked all who have helped for the tournament especially Mr. Dennis, Mr. Jeen Felix and Mr. Denisten Estheppan for their committed work throughout this tournament. Rajive TV live telecasted (30 minutes delay) the entire tournament. will publish the photos and videos sooner.
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Ajith, Chinnathurai[30-4-2010:8:18:41 AM]
very excellent fotos, thanks alot.........

Darjin, Bahrain[7-4-2010:3:51:17 PM]
please uplode our church & NLT football photos

anish, dubai[6-4-2010:4:18:31 PM]
Happy to hear...your excellent news! Congratulations

Rajesh, Dubai[6-4-2010:3:46:18 AM]
Please Upload the Videos of the NLT's 19th Football Tournament.

Maria, St Thomas nagar Thoothoor[6-4-2010:1:50:36 AM]
It was a great achievement for the organizers point of view. There were no crash's in the audience side and I could see that everyone from all corner enjoyed in this tournament. Three Cheer's !!! to the team player's and organizers.

janio deniston, london[5-4-2010:5:41:13 PM]
Why have you conducted our football tournament as kerala based one? its seems like that.

Sr. Punitha dasan, A.p Vijayawada[4-4-2010:11:15:37 PM]
I am very happy to see an excellent hard work of our people here. I appreciate your good service, unity and talents. I am proud of you all. good . congratulation.

Edwin Jerome[4-4-2010:11:10:58 PM]
Good, to be appreciated


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