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NLT requesting for book donation
- Maria Vijayan

Last Updated @ 18-10-2009:1:20:44 PM
[Archive: 2009] 
With overwhelming help from many good hearts, now we have very wonderful and cherishing library in Thoothoor (Click here). No doubt that this new building yields credit to anyone who is related to Thoothoor.
     Now NLT is in the process of starting 'Book Bank Service' and requests people to come forward and donate books for this. To contribute, please contact Mr. Deniston Estheppan (9994117303) or Mr. Maria Vijayan (9894051380) or the Administrator of this website. Thank you.
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Arulseelan.B, Andaman[20-12-2011:21.12.26(IST)]
Friends, Suggest Some use Good Book for motivate our Youths, Like ' Power of Positive Thinking'

Book Bank - Rep[19-12-2011:14.12.11(IST)]
Guys, I would like to share some info regarding the book donation in NLT.You can donate books through online also by refering few steps by example.(This is becaz some people may not possible to go to book shop)

1.Please browse by (category/Authors/Publishers/Sellers) of the book (For Example in the Ref link :

2.Chose the book(s) which you are going to donate

3.Ordering the book by online and mentioning the shipping address:
Nethaji Library & Sports club , Main Road, Thoothoor, Kanyakumari Dist , Tamil Nadu, India 629176.

4.Verify the delivery of the shipping.

I would like to give 'The Audacity of Hope' by Barak Obama. I will handover this to Deniston or Vijayan when I come to native for Christmas.

Book Bank - Rep[18-12-2011:12.45.59(IST)]
Thanks well wisher . You can refer this contacts (9894051380/9994117303) to find the details of existing books.
I am planning to sponsor 'YOU CAN WIN' and 'Living With Honours' authored by shiv Kera.
I would suggest , people can post the sponsored book name here so that other guy can avoid to sponsor the same named book as suggested by 'Wellwisher'.

well wish[17-12-2011:0.27.12(IST)]
I like the comment of Book Bank - Rep friend.

Request all friends to spent some time to buy at least one book and donate to NLT during this Christmas.

Dear Rep Please mention your contact number so that before buying the books guys can contact you so that no books will be bought in multiple copies, keep updated with the list of books already confirmed by some friends

Book Bank - Rep[16-12-2011:14.42.32(IST)]
All people are requested to buy ONE Book (Which may be in any subject)to donate our NLT BOOK BANK while coming the christmas celebration.This would be possible only the educated people who are NRT(Non Residential Thoothoor-ian) .. Guys pls co-operate.