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Thoothoor fishermen are trained and experienced in all kind of sea fish sailing. Their performance on shark fishing is nationally rated as top in India. People from this village visit almost all ports in India for sailing purpose. Below are few fish types which Thoothoor fishermen often deals * with.

Fish Collections (Click on the name for details)

BlackPomfret BlacktipGrouper BluefinJack ChinesePomfret
Dolphin Fish IndianMacherel Little Tuna Little Tunny
MalabarReefCod Big Eye Scad Big Eye Tuna Black King Fish
Silver Pomfret Sixspot Rockcod Skip Jack Tuna Vermilion Rockcod
Yellowfin Tuna1 Yellowfin Tuna 2 Black Saddled Coral Trout Reef Cod 1
Reef Cod 2 Reef Cod 3 Seer Fish 1 Seer Fish 2
Seer fish 3 Seer Fish 4    


* The sailing of fish only as per law.
For Business Enquiries
  There are many fish merchants involved in all kind of fish related businesses around Thoothoor region. They can manage any kind of national and international dealings too. If you are interested, please write to us [Contact Us], we will assist you accordingly. We will try to list out few such merchants in this page soon.

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