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Onam Special Bharatanatyam Performance by Jiny/Reshma of Thoothoor
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Added @ 27-09-2022@12.56.44(IST)
Jiny and Reshma of Thoothoor have released their best quality Bharatanatyam dance as an Onam Special, in which both of them have danced for the 'Shape Of You' song. The major contributors include Choreography (Jiny), Feet (Reshma, Jiny), Studio (Spot Light Academy), Direction (Suresh), Cinematography (Anu), Editing (Leoshan), and special contributors (Renso Institute, Selvarani, Janila, Adina). Let us watch the performance and encourage them to attain good success in their endeavors, while also thanking them for consistently being a testimony to the legacy that Thoothoor is a fishers village with a difference. It is also our duty to spread such artistic diversities among the kids and youth of our community and help them develop such interests. Watch the video below . . .

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