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Onam Special Bharatanatyam Performance by Jiny/Reshma of Thoothoor
- Admin -
Added @ 27-09-2022@12.56.44(IST)
Jiny and Reshma of Thoothoor have released their best quality Bharatanatyam dance as an Onam Special, in which both of them have danced for the 'Shape Of You' song. The major contributors include Choreography (Jiny), Feet (Reshma, Jiny), Studio (Spot Light Academy), Direction (Suresh), Cinematography (Anu), Editing (Leoshan), and special contributors (Renso Institute, Selvarani, Janila, Adina). Let us watch the performance and encourage them to attain good success in their endeavors, while also thanking them for consistently being a testimony to the legacy that Thoothoor is a fishers village with a difference. It is also our duty to spread such artistic diversities among the kids and youth of our community and help them develop such interests. Watch the video below . . .

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New office bearers and executive members have been selected for NLT
- Jemald Vincent
Added @ 12-09-2022@08.24.03(IST)
The Annual General Body meeting of Netaji Library Thoothoor was conducted on 10th September with main agendas such as presentation of the annual account, presentation of the annual report, and selection of the new executive committee. The preceding executive committee submitted the accounts and annual report after which the new office bearers and the executive committee has been selected. Below is an announcement from NLT regarding the new executive committee.

The newly elected office bearers and executive members are President (Mr. John Britto. B), Vice President (Mr. Donas.S) General Secretary (Mr. Jemald Vincent), Secretary-Library (Mr. Sebash.G), Secretary-Sports (Mr.Christin.B), Treasurer (Mr. Maria Sajen.M), Joint-Treasurer (Mr. Thadeuse.D), and executive members (Mr. Victor. D, Mr. Sanju, Mr. Anthony Raj, Mr. Suresh.M, Mr. Milton, Mr. Antony Xavier.T). The participants of the general body meeting thanked the preceding office bearers and executive members for their good work and welcomed the newly elected office bearers and executive members.

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Live Video of St.Thomas Community Hall Inauguration
- Jelestin Thobias
Added @ 11-09-2022@00.00.27(IST)
The live streaming below . . .
The photos will be published once we receive them

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Punitha Arokya Annai Thiruthalam, Thoothoor - Silver Jubilee Feast - LIVE
- Admin -
Added @ 09-09-2022@00.01.08(IST)
Punitha Arokya Annai Thiruthalam, Thoothoor
Silver Jubilee Feast - 4th Sept to 8th Sept, 2022
4th Sept 2022
5th Sept 2022
6th Sept 2022
7th Sept 2022
8th Sept 2022

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St.Thomas Community Hall Inauguration on 08-09-2022 - INVITATION & LIVE INFO
- Jelestin Thobias
Added @ 06-09-2022@14.20.22(IST)
The inauguration of St. Thomas Community hall in Thoothoor will be held on 08-09-2022. The Archbishop of Trivandrum Archdiocese, His Grace Most. Rev. Dr. Thomas J Netto will inaugurate and bless the community hall in the presence of Thoothoor parish priest Rev.Fr. Shabin Leen. The invitation for the inauguration ceremony is attached. The live webcasting is arranged for the inauguration ceremony. The invitation and live webcast details are given below.



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KUMARIYIN THUYARAM - New 18 report on Thengapattinam-Erayumanthurai KILLER harbour
- Admin -
Added @ 05-09-2022@10.02.29(IST)
The Thengapattinam-Erayumanthurai harbour, which was viewed as a blessing for fishermen, is tragically claiming the lives of fishermen since its opening. The champions of the deep-sea are facing such devastation when they reach the shore - leaving their family to suffer for their lifetime. This news reporting by News 18 Tamilnadu channel is an attempt to bring the truth out.

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Blood Donation Camp at Punitha Arokia Annai Thiruthalam on 6th Sept
- Jency Dhas (Appu)
Added @ 05-09-2022@00.00.10(IST)
Punitha Arokya Annai Thiruthalam is conducting a blood donation camp in association with the Primary Health Center on 6th September starting from 9 AM on account of the Silver Jubilee feast of the Punitha Arokya Annai Thiruthalam. The festival committee is inviting everyone to use this opportunity and take part in this great humanitarian service.

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The tragic state of Thengapattinam-Erayumanthurai harbour - News 18 Tamil to report at 10 PM today
- Admin -
Added @ 04-09-2022@08.00.42(IST)

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Thoothoor 'Ketta Varam Tharum' Arokya Annai Silver Jubilee feast - NOTICE
- Francis Cruze
Added @ 03-09-2022@23.15.06(IST)
Thoothoor parish is all set to celebrate the 25th feast of 'Ketta Varam Tharum' Arokya Annai Shrine. The 5 days jubilee feast will start on 4th September with flag hoisting and end on 8th September with jubilee feast mass and community supper. Since this is a jubilee year, special arrangements have been made to make it more prayerful and memorable. 3 bishops have agreed to come for the feast such as former Kottar Bishop Most Rev Peter Remigius on 4th September for the festival flag hoisting, former Salem Bishop Most Rev Sebastianappan Singaroyan on 6th September , and Andaman Port Blair Bishop Most Rev Visuvasam Selvaraj on 8th September for the feast mass.

The festival notice is attached below . . .

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New Matha song by Koshy Production on account of Thoothoor Arokya Annai Silver Jubilee feast
- Aldrin (Rajesh.A)
Added @ 02-09-2022@23.04.55(IST)

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Thoothooor prepares for 'Ketta Varam Tharum' Arokya Annai Silver Jubilee feast
- Francis Cruze
Added @ 02-09-2022@00.01.26(IST)

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Another Harbour Death - Enayamputhenthurai Fisherman gone missing, body not found yet
- Admin -
Added @ 31-08-2022@00.00.42(IST)

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Kottar Bishop, VF, MP, MLA met Tamilnadu CM regarding Thengapattanam harbour
- Admin -
Added @ 28-08-2022@19.26.16(IST)
Kottar Bishop Most Rev. Nazarene Soosai, Thoothoor Forane Vicar Fr. Bebinson, Kanyakumari MP Mr. Vijay Vasanth, Killiyur MLA Adv. S. Rajesh Kumar along with fishermen representatives met Tamilnadu chief minister Thiru. M. K. Stalin on 27th Aug regarding Thengapattanam-Erayumanthurai harbour. The defective harbour until now has claimed more than 25 lives and crores of monetary loss for the fishermen of the Thoothoor and Enayam regions. The emotional protests that happened in Poothurai and another planned protest at Thengapattanam-Erayumanthurai harbour in the last weeks have awakened the government system and things seem to be moving forward slowly. According to social media messages from those who met the chief minister, the chief minister has given 3 assurances to delegates such as 253 crores fund for rectifying the defects of the harbour, a permanent dredging machine to remove sand formation from the harbour mouth, and a 30 crore project to protect Erayumanthurai village from sea-erosion. But since these types of assurances are not new for our people, fishermen find it hard to believe these assurances until they see things happening on the ground. Let's hope for the good!

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5 days Krupabhishekam Bible Convention at Vallavilai ended on Sunday
- Admin -
Added @ 22-08-2022@00.00.23(IST)
The 5 days Bible Convention at Vallavilai by Fr. Dominic Valanmanal, the Director of Marian Retreat Centre - Anakkara, ended on Sunday, 21st August 2022. Thousands of believers from Vallavilai and neighboring places, and people from remote places participated in this 5 days Convention. People praised Vallavilai parish for arranging such a wonderful opportunity for the believers and also making wonderful arrangements for the Convention. These prayer meetings were streamed live via 'FR. DOMINIC VALANMANAL OFFICIAL' youtube channels. The live links are given below.
| Day-01 |
| Day-02 |
| Day-03 |
| Day-04 |
| Day-05 |

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National Green Tribunal declared Parakkanni check dam illegal, but nothing would change!
- Sesadimai
Added @ 21-08-2022@00.00.14(IST)
National Green Tribunal (Southern Zone) has declared its judgment on the Parakkanni check dam based on the petition filed by the Association of Deep Sea Going Artisanal Fishermen. Late Mr. Edwin Jerome from Thoothoor had filed this petition in the National Green Tribunal by listing all the illegal aspects in the Parakkanni check dam.

The Tribunal, after its hearing, declared its judgment on 17th August in which it declared the Parakkanni check dam illegal. But the Tribunal did not provide any direction for the demolition of the check dam taking into consideration the public interest and involvement of the public money. Instead, the Tribunal has directed the government not to proceed with further construction in that area. According to fishermen activists, this judgment does not make any difference as the construction of the check dam is already complete. The judgment from National Green Tribunal (Southern Zone) is attached.

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Happy Independence Day !
- Admin -
Added @ 15-08-2022@00.01.37(IST)

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Sr. Pooja assumed charge as the Mother Superior of St. John the Baptist convent in Thoothoor
- Admin -
Added @ 13-08-2022@00.00.10(IST)
Sr. Pooja became the new Mother Superior of St. John the Baptist convent in Thoothoor. Sr. Pooja joined St. John the Baptist congregation to devote her life to the service of God. She had spent 30 years in the North Indian regions since joining the congregation. She received the first profession on 24-06-1996, and the final profession on 22-06-2002. Her vast services include coordinator of different projects for the poor under the Nagpur diocese in Maharashtra, establishing orphanages for orphan children, rehabilitation of HIV-infected widows, empowerment projects for women through an NGO called Streevani in Pune, Nagpur diocesan social service society for important social causes, and many more.

Alongside these works, Sr. Pooja has also secured post-graduation in MSW and LLB from Nagpur university. Her deputation to St. John the Baptist convent in Thoothoor as the Mother Superior is the fourth such appointment of Sr. Pooja as a Mother Superior of a community. Sr. Pooja was born to her father Mr. Joseph and mother Mrs. Monica of Palai diocese in Kottayam district in Kerala. Let us welcome Sr. Pooja and extend our cooperation to her in serving our community.

The preceding Mother Superior, Sr. Veena returned to the congregation for other services. Let us thank Sr. Veena for her past services and wish her all the best.
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Protest at Poothurai over the death of fishermen in the harbour
- Admin -
Added @ 12-08-2022@10.02.46(IST)

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The painful reality of Thengapattanam-Erayumanthurai harbor
- Admin -
Added @ 11-08-2022@07.27.38(IST)
The tragedy continues in Thengapattanam-Erayumanthurai harbor.

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Tragedy continues in Thengapattanam-Erayumanthurai harbour
- Admin -
Added @ 06-08-2022@07.44.41(IST)
While fishermen are set to start their post-ban sailing, the defective Thengapattanam-Erayumanthurai harbor keeps wounding them as in all previous years. In yesterday's tragedical incident, a Thoothoor boat owned by Mr. Titus when attempted to exit from the harbor for fishing conceded to the seashore outside the harbor due to the defective harbor mouth and its implications - visuals below. Attempts are being made to save the boat. Many boats are set to go to sea, but they fear that many other boats may also end up meeting such a fate unless the defect in the harbor mouth is rectified. While the tension remains, people and activists are exploring ways to reach out to the government and solve the problem immediately.

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Happy Feast of Patron of Priests to all wonderful Priests - 4 August
- Admin -
Added @ 04-08-2022@00.00.50(IST)
Last Updated @ 04-08-2022@23.25.50(IST)
Parish Priests of Thoothoor from 1920 to 2022

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