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Mr. Urmans from Thoothoor passed away
- Jency Dhas (Appu)  [Added @ 02-07-2021@09.04.16(IST)-]
Mr. Urmans from Thoothoor passed away on 1st July 2021 evening due to ill health followed by a heart attack. He was immediately taken to a hospital due to discomforts, where the hospital declared already dead. Urmans is a photographer by profession from Kurumpanai and after getting married in Thoothoor, he has involved in many social and sports activities in Thoothoor.

His funeral mass will be held at 2 PM at St. Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor on 02-07-2021.
Wilson sir from Thoothoor St. Jude’s College passed away
- Admin -  [Added @ 29-05-2021@22.13.38(IST)-]
Dr. R. Wilson, long served retired English professor at St. Jude’s College passed away due to Covid19. He caught with covid19 infection a few days before while he also has been fighting another chronic disease for many years. On 28-05-2021, he died due to the Covid infection.

Though he was retired, he has been continuing as a self-finance professor for post-graduate courses in the same college.
Mrs. Lourdumary from Thoothoor passed away
- Admin -  [Added @ 18-03-2021@23.07.45(IST)-]
Mrs. Lourdumary Joris from Thoothoor, aged 87, passed away on 17-03-2021 due to age related illness. She is mother of Fr. Anto Joris, Sr. Nirmala Joris, Mrs. Jimsy teacher, Mr.s Ruby, and Mr. Joris Antony Xavier.

The funeral was held at 4 PM on 18-03-2021 at St. Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor. The 8th day remembrance mass will be held on 24th March 2021 at 4 PM.
Mr. Franko from Chinnathurai passed away
- Admin -  [Added @ 31-10-2020@15.11.28(IST)-]
Mr. Michael Nayakam (widely known as Franko, age 70) from Chinnathurai passed away in the morning hours on 31-10-2020. His health condition suddenly deteriorated yesterday and was taken to hospital in the early morning, where his condition was declared as critical and he died within a few hours. The funeral mass will be held at St. Jude's Church Chinnathurai on 01-11-2020 at 3 PM.

Mr. Franko was a hardcore NLT well-wisher and his sports commentary during NLT sports events during the earlier times were memorable.
Mrs. Maria Siromani teacher passed away
- Admin -  [Added @ 10-09-2020@10.28.49(IST)-]
Mrs. Maria Siromani (retired teacher at Pius XI Primary School) on 08-09-2020 due to age related health problems.

Her funeral was held at St. Jude's Church Chinnathurai on 9th Sept.
Mr. Wilfred Fernandez from Thoothoor passed away at Chennai
- Admin -  [Added @ 11-08-2020@20.23.56(IST)-]
Mr. Wilfred Fernandez from Thoothoor (S/O Late Mr. Frederic Fernandez & Late Mrs. Pushpam) found dead in his Chennai home today where he is staying alone. Based on circumstances, it is suspected that he may have died 2 days ago. As per the protocol, Covid test is taken and body is kept in GH until the result. Family is trying to bring the body to Nagercoil where his family is settled. He is married to Mrs. Jemma Kalgani and have two children.

Mr. Wilfred (53) is a senior NLT member and is a very strong well wisher of NLT.
Vallavilai Saju Viyapari passed away
- Admin -  [Added @ 02-08-2020@22.30.05(IST)-]
Well known fish merchant from Vallavilai, Mr. Saju (widely known as Vallavilai Saju Viyapari) passed away yesterday, 01-07-2020. The funeral ceremony was held at St. Mary’s Church Vallavilai today.

Mr. Saju was one among very few merchants who had explored and enabled wide markets for our fishes, which eventually brought positive changes in our region in terms of yielding income from sea catches. He has employed more than 50 people in his fish company alone. In earlier days, he had helped NLT for tournaments.
Fisherman from Thoothoor died in sea while swimming back to shore
- Jency Dhas (Appu)  [Added @ 25-05-2020@17.56.02(IST)-]
Mr. Josepath (56) from Thoothoor died in Thoothoor Sea while returning to shore from the country boat (vallam) by swimming. Josepath along with 2 others went for fishing in the early morning, and returned at around 9 AM. When their vallam neared Thoothoor shore, two of them including Josepath jumped to the sea to swim back to the shore, as the vallam is supposed to go to the harbour for anchoring. He died miserably while swimming.

People in the shore saw this and attempted to rescue but could only recover the body. The recovered body is sent for post-mortem.

URL-1: .....
Mrs.T. Jesintha Mary of Thoothoor passed away
- Baiju Jenet Das  [Added @ 10-03-2020@14.01.32(IST)-]
Mrs. Jesintha Mary (aged 68) wife of Late Estheppan residing opposite to the church of Thoothoor passed away due to aged diseases. She is the mother of Mr.Frederic ( brian cable owner). Her funeral mass rituals happen at St.Thomas forane church on Wednesday 11th march ,2020 at 10.AM .
Two persons died in Thoothoor on 19-02-2020
- Baiju Jenet Das  [Added @ 19-02-2020@11.33.58(IST)-Edited @ 26-02-2020@23.55.05(IST)]
This February month 19th day, two persons died due to some diseases.

Mr. Jayaraj (40), youngest son of Mr. Vincent (Vincent Viapaari) residing at main road - old library street, died at around 3 AM on 19-02-2020. Jayaraj was under treatment for liver related ailment. He vomited blood in the night and collapsed to death at his residence. His funeral ceremony will be on 20th Febuary, 2020 (Thursday) at 4.00 PM at St.Thomas Forane Church, Thoothoor.

Mrs. Amurthamma (77) wife of late Mr. Kilimas (widely known as Vellam) residing at Thoothoor bus stand junction passed away on 19-02-2020 due to the old age related disease.Her funeral mass will be on 20-02-2020 at 10.00 AM at St.Thomas Forane Church ,Thoothoor .
Mr. S. Maria Anthony from Thoothoor passed away
- Gilbert L  [Added @ 10-01-2020@11.10.56(IST)-]
Mr. S. Maria Anthony from Thoothoor, aged 60, passed away on 9-1-2020 due to prolonged illness caused by severe stroke happened three years before. The funeral mass is at 3.30 PM on 10-01-2020 at St. John the Baptist Church in Poothurai.

A fisherman from Thoothoor dies in sea due to accidental fall into water, body not recovered
- Sibi S  [Added @ 07-12-2019@08.15.44(IST)-Edited @ 09-12-2019@08.49.06(IST)]
Moise from Thoothoor along with 12 others went for fishing from Gujarath on 30th November. In the early morning hours on 5th November, when others woke up for the day, Moise was missing. Immediately others in the boat informed the incident to the nearby boats and they together searched for him, but their efforts end in vain. According to others in the boat, he might have fallen into the sea accidentally while he was relieving himself at the night. 48 year old Moise was surviving with wife and two daughters. A newspaper report below.

URL-1: .....
Fisherman from Chinnathurai rescued after falling into sea, died in hospital
- Admin -  [Added @ 24-11-2019@20.26.00(IST)-]
Mr. John (age around 60) from Chinnathurai died due to an accidental fall into sea while his boat was in deep sea for fishing. John fell off the boat accidentally when it was moving. Fellow fishermen rescued him by jumping into sea and brought to shore in Rajkot – Gujarat where he was admitted to hospital for treatment. But John suffered breathing difficulty and breathed his last in the hospital. His body will be brought to Chinnathurai for burial. People recall that deceased John’s son 29 year old Suresh also died after falling in sea in 2013 whose body is never recovered. Read more at the below link.

URL-1: .....
Mr. Nayakam (Karate Nayakam) from Thoothoor passed away
- Admin -  [Added @ 14-11-2019@23.12.33(IST)-Edited @ 16-11-2019@08.31.42(IST)]
Mr. Nayakam (aged 52) from Thoothoor, widely known as Karate Nayakam, passed away today 14th Nov 2019 at Ashari Pallam Government Hospital. He was not well for few months due to liver related illness and died while undergoing treatment. His burial mass will be held at St. Thomas Forane Church in Thoothoor on 15-11-2019 at 4 PM.

Nayakam was an outstanding Judo champion during his young age in 1980s/1990s and had won many district and state level Judo Championships in Kerala. Recently in 2013 too, after a long gap of 15 years, he had secured Gold Medal in Ernakulam district level and Bronze Medal in Kerala state level in senior division. Visit the below URLs to know more about his achievements in Judo.

Netaji Library in Thoothoor paid homage to its former Sports Manager by placing an Obituary Photo and the print copy of Thoothoor.COM message in front of NLT.

A fishermen from Chinnathurai died in Sea in Goa while doing fishing
- Admin -  [Added @ 13-09-2019@07.49.00(IST)-]
Mr. Jephron, aged 54, from Chinnathurai died in Sea in Goa while doing fishing. He along with others went for fishing on 10th September from Goa and died on 11th September. The cause for the death is believed to be heart attack. Jephron is son of Late. Mr. Sammichael (widely known as Kappal).

After the post mortem procedures, the body was brought to his home at Chinnathurai. The funeral will be held on 13th Sept at St. Jude's Church Chinnathurai.
Mrs. Maria Pillai (W/O Mr.Sabariyappan) from Thoothoor Passed Away
- Baiju Jenet Das  [Added @ 06-06-2019@13.45.58(IST)-]
Mrs. Maria Pillai (age 88), wife of Mr. Sabariyappan, residing near Thoothoor community hall passed away. She was suffering from age related illness since last few years.

The funeral mass and ceremony will be held at St.Thomas Forane Church in Thoothoor at 3.00 PM on 07/06/2019 Friday.
1st Death Anniversary Mass for Bensha Sheen
- Fulton Sheen  [Added @ 07-05-2019@20.08.24(IST)-]

Mr. Franklin from Thoothoor passed away
- Raegan Albarnas  [Added @ 08-04-2019@18.36.37(IST)-]
Mr.Franklin from Thoothoor passed away yesterday, 07th Apr 2019. Farnklin, who was under treatment for various health issues also met with a road accident few days ago. The funeral mass will be held at 4.00pm on Tuesday 9th Apr 2019 at St.Thomas Forane Church, Thoothoor.

Mr.Franklin was living with wife Mrs.Prema, and children Mr. Prabhu Franklin, Mrs. Bisli Franklin. Let us pray for the repose of the departed soul.
Mrs. F.K. Jeyasheeli from Thoothoor passed away
- George Herald  [Added @ 07-02-2019@17.08.49(IST)-]
Mrs. F.K. Jeyasheeli from Thoothoor passed away today, 7th Feb 2019 at the age of 80. She was under treatment for a long time for age related health issues. Mrs. Jeyasheeli is wife of Mr. P. Stancilas.

The funeral mass will be held at 3 PM on Friday, 8th Feb at St. Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor.
Mr. Alex from Thoothoor passed away
- Fulton Sheen  [Added @ 01-02-2019@23.56.57(IST)-]
Mr. Alex Porupeenappan from Thoothoor passed away today, 1st Feb 2019 at the age of 83 due to age related health issues. Mr. Alex, a native of Pulluvilai, married in Thoothoor and worked as a supervisor in Lloyd Bitumen Products Private Limited in Chennai. After retirement, he relocated to Thoothoor. Mr. Alex is husband of Mrs. Margret Alex and father of Mr. Jude Jose.

The funeral mass will be held at 9 AM on Monday, 4th Feb at St. Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor.
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