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Mr.Poulose from Thoothoor passes away
- Joseph Xaviour  [Added @ 04-02-2016@09.20.20(IST)-]
Mr.Poulose from Thoothoor passes away on 3rd Feb 2016 at 10.30 PM at his residence in KR.Puram, Thoothoor. He was suffering with age related health issues for few years.

The burial mass is at 4 pm on 5th Feb at St.Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor. Mr.Poulose is husband of Canty Teacher, and father of Mr. Aji (Stanley Paul).
Mr. A Arulees from Thoothoor passes away
- Sajeen Arulees  [Added @ 03-02-2016@15.18.19(IST)-]
Mr. A Arulees from Thoothoor, my father, passes away at 10.30 AM today, 3rd Feb 2016. Burial will take place at Thoothoor St. Thomas Forane Church at 10.30 AM tomorrow.
Mr.Marphin from Chinnathurai passes away due to liver cancer
- Shyju Pathrose  [Added @ 27-01-2016@21.55.48(IST)-]
Mr.Marphin from Chinnathurai (aged 36) expired on today 27th Jan 2016 at Chinnathurai. He was suffering from liver cancer for the past few days and had his last breathe on today at his residence. The funeral mass is at 3PM on 28th January 2016 at St. Judes Church, Chinnathurai.

Mr.Marphin is son of Mr.Sammicheal from Chinnathurai and he was living with wife Mrs.Filma and two children. Let us pray for the repose of the departed soul.
First Death Anniversary mass Invitation
- ThrCOM News Delegate 03  [-Edited @ 23-5-2015:0.15.40(IST)]

First death anniversary mass for Mr. Lourdu Dasan
- ThrCOM News Delegate 01  [Added @ 6-2-2015:21.51.48(IST)-]
The first death anniversary mass for Mr. Lourdu Dasan happened in St.Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor today, 6th Feb 2015, at 11.30 AM. Lourdu Dasan died last year due to deadly cancer. The mass card is given below.

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