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thoothoor Welcome Guest!

NLT (Netaji Library & Sports Club in Thoothoor) was started in the year 1957 at the coastal village of Thoothoor. NLT was the idea of a few visionary youths of Thoothoor who wished to bring the youths together and help them grow while also contributing to the society where they live in. Their choice of name 'Netaji' itself speaks volumes about the depth and breadth of their vision for society.

NLT which started its journey as a simple newspaper reading room has evolved as a giant organisation today with district level reputation as a library and state level recognition as a sports club particularly football. As a result, NLT is recognised as a symbol of pride for people in Thoothoor region.

NLT related reports/references

Few Delegate Message References
07-10-2022 > NLT conducted Drug Awareness Rally on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi
12-09-2022 > New office bearers and executive members have been selected for NLT
07-10-2022 > NLT conducted Drug Awareness Rally on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi
12-09-2022 > New office bearers and executive members have been selected for NLT
03-08-2022 > TNSA congratulated budding footballers who got into various prominent football academies
21-07-2022 > Inspector Stephen G R Jose secured 4th place in Mr. Asia Body Building Championship
19-07-2022 > QTC's Awareness Seminar for fishermen was well received
06-07-2022 > 3 young footballers from Thoothoor get into Residential Football Academy
16-06-2022 > Mr. Jijo and Mr. Vishwa from Thoothoor won Gold medal in Mr. Kanyakumari 2022
02-06-2022 > Chennaiyin FC in association with Thoothoor Netaji conducts Under-18 Trials on 3rd June
14-05-2022 > NLT started a Television service
27-04-2022 > Swapna Kochuthura won the Winners Cup of 30th One Day Football Tournament of NLT
16-04-2022 > NLT's 30th One Day Football Tournament LIVE on 17-04-2022
15-04-2022 > NLT's 30th One Day Football Tournament - Invitation
05-03-2022 > It may be easy to play in the TN team, not the Netaji team – Raegon speaks!
25-01-2022 > Netaji Day celebrated at NLT without public gathering in view of the Sunday lockdown
02-01-2022 > TNSA Girls Football Team inauguration - Thoothoor Netaji Sports Academy
25-11-2021 > Highly Skilled Football Coach Wanted at Thoothoor Netaji Football Academy
02-10-2021 > TNSA Football League Final and Prize Distribution - LIVE
29-09-2021 > The first semi-final of TNSA Football League Under 14 to be live webcasted
27-09-2021 > TNSA Football League semi-finals to start from today
01-09-2021 > Special General Body meeting of NLT on 5th September
25-08-2021 > Thoothoor Netaji Football Academy launches its Facebook Page
22-08-2021 > TNSA conducts Tamilnadu's first 11s Youth League, TNSA Football League
16-08-2021 > NLT's Independence Day celebrations
13-07-2021 > Netaji Thoothoor won the championship in Neerodi Turf League 2021
01-05-2021 > NLT's Covid Awareness Drive
23-04-2021 > Thoothoor Netaji's 29th One day Sevens Football Tournament Match Results
11-04-2021 > NLT's 29th One Day Football Tournament Lucky draw Winners
04-04-2021 > Netaji 29th One Day Football Tournament - LIVE
27-03-2021 > NLT's 29th Football Tournament Promo Video
22-03-2021 > Get a chance to be a part of Netaji's Grandest Football Tournament
02-03-2021 > NLT's 29th Tournament Trophies to be named after Late Mr. Maria Vijayan
25-02-2021 > Netaji Library is on track for the 29th One Day Football Tournament
04-02-2021 > NLT GBM on 7th February 2021
27-01-2021 > TNSA FC Thoothoor won the Championship in Maravankudieruppu U15 Tournament
23-01-2021 > NLT celebrated Netaji's Birth Anniversary
17-01-2021 > NLT conducted meeting with Parents of TNSA Trainees
30-12-2020 > Team-England won the championship in NLT's 5s Football Tournament for 40+
23-12-2020 > NLT GBM on 27th December 2020
19-12-2020 > NLT to conduct Quiz Competition for Students and Football Competition for 40+
27-11-2020 > Video of the launch event of 'NLT Members Portal'
24-11-2020 > Dennis Viyapari passed away
21-11-2020 > Netaji Library to launch 'NLT Members Portal' on Christ the King Feast Day
15-10-2020 > A good reference to recall our forgotten tradition - Neithal Word Dictionary
11-10-2020 > Netaji Thoothoor won the Runner-up trophy in Poothurai SJB U16 KIDS PREMIER CUP-2020
06-10-2020 > Cherishing Togetherness via Sports – NLT's Slogan for its Sports Academy
02-10-2020 > Thoothoor Netaji Sports Academy inaugurated (video)
02-10-2020 > For the live webcast of NLT’s Sports Academy launch, please follow FB Page
01-10-2020 > NLT's 'Thoothoor Netaji Sports Academy' – inauguration invitation
28-09-2020 > Trials for Thoothoor Netaji Sports Academy
21-09-2020 > NLT is launching 'Thoothoor Netaji Sports Academy' on Gandhi Jayanti
07-09-2020 > NLT New Office Bearers and Executive Members
06-09-2020 > REMINDER: General Body Meeting of NLT to select new office bearers and executives
01-09-2020 > NLT's tribute to formar president of India, Shri. Pranab Mukherjee
29-08-2020 > NLT's tribute to Our Member of Parliament Dr. Vasantha Kumar
20-08-2020 > General Body Meeting of NLT to select new office bearers and executives
15-08-2020 > 74th Independence Day Celebration at NLT
30-07-2020 > NLT crossed 100 Golden Members !
21-03-2020 > Thoothoor parish in association with NLT setup hand wash facilities at Thoothoor bus-stand
20-03-2020 > Thoothoor panchayat readying in precaution & prevention of Corona virus spread
17-03-2020 > Free WiFi in NLT is temporarily halted due to School Annual Examinations
30-12-2019 > Netaji Thoothoor won the Winners' Cup in Kadiapattanam 6's Tournament
24-12-2019 > NLT's Giant Christmas STAR
30-11-2019 > 2nd Year Memorial of Deadly Ockhi disaster
09-11-2019 > Mathrubhumi News Malayalam TV Channel to feature MCR Roni on Sunday, 10th Nov 2019
17-10-2019 > Thoothoor PHC conducted 'Nilavembu Sirappu Kudineer Mugaam' at NLT
28-09-2019 > 'Thoothoor & Chinnathurai' FB Group is compiling a database of Blood Donors
20-09-2019 > Fr. John Dall’s Congratulatory message to TWA on account of Silver Jubilee Anniversary
16-08-2019 > 73rd Independence Day celebrations at NLT
16-08-2019 > Plastic Awareness Oath during NLT Independence Day meeting
12-08-2019 > Netaji Library's 'Plastic Awareness' Mini-Marathon
10-08-2019 > Appu won Prize for his Plastic Awareness Stall in Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition
07-08-2019 > NLT is celebrating India's 73rd Independence Day with “Plastic Awareness” as the theme
27-07-2019 > Appu's Plastic Awareness Stall at Kuzhithurai Vavubali Exhibition
22-07-2019 > Netaji Mobile Charging Terminal is inaugurated on Sunday
07-07-2019 > NLT's Helping Hands Awards to 3 families for supporting Netaji Hubs
04-07-2019 > 'Kadalodigalin Kaalpanthu' documentary is screened at Thoothoor
02-07-2019 > NLT is screening 'KADALODIKALIN KAALPANTHU ' in Thoothoor on 2-07-2019
02-07-2019 > KADALODIHALIN KALPANTHU ' full episode screened today at
24-06-2019 > Thoothoor Netaji won the Championship Trophy in Kochuthura Tournament
16-06-2019 > NLT Welcomed Soosairaj during his home-return after playing for India
03-05-2019 > Photos of Netaji Awards, Helping Hands Awards, and Spl Sports Award
26-04-2019 > NLT's Helping Hand Awards to 7 brave fisher-youths from Thoothoor
25-04-2019 > NLT gave Netaji Awards-2019 to 8 achievers from Kannur to Kurumpanai
24-04-2019 > Bichu's Trivandrum won the Winners Cup of 28th One Day Football Tournament of NLT
21-04-2019 > LIVE WEBCASTING Links for NLT's Tournament
19-04-2019 > NLT's 28th One Day Football Tournament - Invitation
17-04-2019 > NLT's 28th One Day Football Tournament Fixure
06-04-2019 > NLT's dim-light celebration to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Golden Jubilee Building
05-04-2019 > NLT celebrates the 10thAnniversary of the Golden Jubilee Building
02-04-2019 > Dr. Madhavan Nair, former Chairman of ISRO, will be the Chief Guest for NLT's Football Tournament
20-03-2019 > NETAJI AWARDS - Call for Nominations
18-03-2019 > Updates from NLT - 28th Tournament and Green Initiate gift for Poothurai Govt School
11-02-2019 > NLT is planning diamond jubilee magazine, 'NLT RECALL', Help us with photos and info !
06-02-2019 > NLT announced the teams for 28th One Day Football Tournament
28-01-2019 > NLT's Annual Digital Mazagine-2018
26-01-2019 > 70th Republic Day of India Celebrations at NLT
24-01-2019 > Neithal Rack in NLT will be inaugurated on 26th Jan 2019
23-01-2019 > NLT celebrated Netaji's 122nd Birthday by Hoisting the National Flag
31-12-2018 > Photos of NLT's 1st Children's 7-a-side Football Practice Tournament
29-12-2018 > 3-in-1 Medical Camp at Thoothoor today, 29th Dec 2018
27-12-2018 > NLT's 1st Children's 7-a-side Football Practice Tournament Update
24-12-2018 > NLT way of Celebrating Christmas
24-12-2018 > Nethaji Library & Sports Club's General Body Meeting on Friday 28th December, 2018
18-12-2018 > NLT's Christmas Events 2018
16-12-2018 > NLT's First Golden Members Meet to be held on 26th Dec
07-12-2018 > Neithal Rack at NLT
01-12-2018 > NLT's Ockhi Memorial Flower Stage – 2nd Day Night View
30-11-2018 > NLT appointed its new Librarian
29-11-2018 > NLT's Ockhi Memorial Flower Stage
28-11-2018 > Ockhi Memorial Blood Donation Camp is postponed due to Doctor's Strike
27-11-2018 > Ockhi Memorial Blood Donation Camp at NLT on 30th Nov 2018
30-10-2018 > 'Kadalil Peitha Mazhai' - Book Review meeting by Kadarkarai Ilakkiya Vattam at Erayumanthurai
05-10-2018 > NLT honoured Rev. Sister. Roshni on her Silver Jubilee Year
06-09-2018 > Photos of NLT's Independence Day celebrations
03-09-2018 > NLT Founder Member Mr. Innercent passes away
28-08-2018 > NLT invites more people to join as Golden Member
16-08-2018 > Trend-Setting and Stylish Car Parking in Thoothoor Boat House, first in India!
12-08-2018 > Result of Nethaji's Marathon race on account of 72nd Independence Day of India
03-08-2018 > Marathon Race on account of India's 72nd Independence Day celebrations
02-08-2018 > A documentary by Merry Productions about the Road Safety campaign of NLT
29-07-2018 > A report on NLT’s successful Road Safety awareness campaign
27-07-2018 > 'Road Safety' Campaign by NLT - Motor Bike Rally and Awareness Meeting
09-07-2018 > Nethaji Thoothoor won the Vaniyakudi Tournament Cup!
05-07-2018 > New Office Bearers of NLT
20-06-2018 > General Body meeting of NLT on 4th July
24-05-2018 > Nithiravilai Patriotic Library’s Silver Jubilee Jyothi Run Starts from NLT on 26th May
02-05-2018 > Photos of Rejana's Painting Exhibition at NLT
28-04-2018 > Rejana’s Painting Exhibition at NLT
28-04-2018 > The construction of the waiting shed in Thoothoor is withdrawn
06-04-2018 > Abstract of NLT Services and Activities
03-04-2018 > 'Passion of Ockhi' contest - Winners
01-04-2018 > Bichus Trivandrum won the Winner title of NLT's 27th One Day Football Tournament
01-04-2018 > NLT's 27th One Day Football Tournament - Knockout round result
27-03-2018 > NLT's 27th One Day Football Tournament details and the INVITATION
24-03-2018 > 'Passion of OCKHI' contests on account of NLT's 27th One Day Football Tournament
21-03-2018 > NLT is preparing for 27th One Day football Tournament
13-03-2018 > NLT distributed Welcome Kit to registered Golden Members
04-03-2018 > The Video of the Launching of NLT’s Talent Platform and Arts Platform
03-03-2018 > NLT launched Talent Platform and Arts Platform
02-03-2018 > NLT in association with Merry Productions donated Fruit-saplings to Govt. Middle School Poothurai
23-01-2018 > NLT announced it's new Golden Membership plan
07-11-2017 > Street Sign Boards across Thoothoor, another NLT initiate
04-11-2017 > New Librarian has taken charge in NLT
01-11-2017 > Poothurai Govt School gets Netaji Hub by NLT
24-10-2017 > TFFA Conducted its 1st Players Get-together Program
07-09-2017 > Overwhelming response for NLT’s blood donation camp, 172% success recorded!
06-09-2017 > Blood donation camp at Nethaji library on 07 /09/2017
23-08-2017 > NLT's Nethaji Hub is a huge success !
21-08-2017 > Kadal Mutram - a new book written by Arul Sneham from Erayumanthurai
03-08-2017 > Nethaji Hub across Thoothoor with automated services
30-07-2017 > Nethaji Library Thoothoor premises under CCTV Surveillance
27-07-2017 > Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Memorial Day observed in NLT on 27th July 2017
25-07-2017 > Famous writer Anitha K Krishnamurthy released Stinu Robin’s Unnai Tholaikkathe book
02-07-2017 > Wide felicitation for Marshall A Silva from many prominent people and org’s [News/Photos updated]
20-07-2017 > KFDS Annual Meeting Report – July 2017
17-07-2017 > Stinu Robin's 'Unnai Tholaikkathe – Tamil Kavithai Thoguppu' to be released on 23rd July at NLT
08-07-2017 > KFDS joined hand with NLT to enhance the library services
14-06-2017 > NLT Volunteer Rahul sets a new practice by donating blood on International Blood Donors Day
16-05-2017 > Netaji Future Hero's Victory Celebration… 'Waka Waka'
28-04-2017 > New facilities and services in NLT premises
17-04-2017 > VOTE OF THANKS from the Heart of NLT
17-04-2017 > Netaji Awards'2017 given to 16 people by NLT in a grand way
17-04-2017 > The Awards for Idea Hunt and Short Film contest were given in the Tournament Stage
17-04-2017 > Netaji Future Heroes (C team) team won 26th One Day Football Tournament title
17-04-2017 > The result of Grand Lucky Draw
16-04-2017 > NLT's 26th One Day Football Tournament - LIVE IS UP
14-04-2017 > An appeal from NLT for donation for the 26th One Day Football Tournament
10-04-2017 > Netaji Library Thoothoor – Tournament Invitation '2017
06-04-2017 > Dept of Atomic Energy Joint Secretary Mr. Mervin Alexander will be NLT’s chief guest for this Easter
23-03-2017 > NLT along with TWA, QTC, and TFCYM is conducting Grand Lucky Draw
20-03-2017 > NLT formally begins One Day Football Tournament activities
13-03-2017 > Silver Jubilee year of NLT's Current Location
13-02-2017 > Nethaji Library's news paper sponsors for the year 2017
28-01-2017 > Anti Intoxicants Movement (AIM) in ACTION!
08-01-2017 > Raegan from Thoothoor to lead TN Santhosh trophy team
17-12-2016 > Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC) to sponsor the EB payment of NLT for life time
04-12-2016 > NLT's General Body Meeting to be held on 26th Dec 2016
17-09-2016 > NLT would like to honour blood donors
17-08-2016 > Independence Day at Nethaji library ,Thoothoor --Photos
11-08-2016 > Independence day celebrations , Thoothoor comes under one Roof at Nethaji library
27-07-2016 > NLT Remembers former President of India Dr.APJ.Abdul kalam
13-07-2016 > New Office Bearers selected for NLT
04-05-2016 > TWA upgraded QTC's Free WIFI in Thoothoor.
06-04-2016 > NLT Meeting on 9th April Saturday to submit the account of Silver Jubilee Tournament
30-03-2016 > 'The INVISIBLE SUCCESS', an article by Mr.Espin about NLT Silver Jubilee Tournament
28-03-2016 > Thoothoor Present Heroes won the title of Silver Jubilee One Day Football Tournament of NLT
27-03-2016 > Selfie with Banner
21-03-2016 > Theme Song Video - NLT Silver Jubilee One Day Football Tournament
19-03-2016 > Holy Week Services and NLT Tournament will be live webcasted
14-03-2016 > NLT Silver Jubilee Tournament Sponsorship Details
04-03-2016 > Blood Group Search Service in
28-02-2016 > NLT's Open Invitation on account of Silver Jubilee One Day Football Tournament
18-02-2016 > Special Medical Camp in NLT on 19th Feb 2016
07-02-2016 > NLT’s Silver Jubilee Tournament'2016 - Logo Designing and Slogan Writing Contest
05-12-2015 > Thoothoor Fest 2015
22-11-2015 > Major bus accident, 1 died and many injured from Thoothoor area
14-10-2015 > Netaji FC wins Adhyayana Trophy hosted at coimbatore.
22-09-2015 > Netaji team won the Winner Title of 5's Football Tournament hosted at chennai.
06-07-2015 > Netaji FC's Hat Trick Victories in the state level Vaniyakudi tournament.
22-06-2015 > Netaji team won the Winner Title of 5's Football Tournament hosted by SMRC Kollemcode
02-06-2015 > Netaji Thoothoor won Championship Title in 7's Football Tournament hosted by Kollam FC
29-05-2015 > Awareness program on Hygienic Maintenance of Fishing Harbors at NLT premises
06-04-2015 > NLT Yellow team won the title of 24th One Day Football Tournament
27-03-2015 > NLT is all set for 24th One Day Football Tournament
30-01-2015 > NLT to reform the Book Bank facility, people are invited to donate
17-01-2015 > TWA and NLT to create Civil-Service/TNPSC awareness for students
01-12-2014 > on 14th year of Service
26-11-2014 > Thoothoor takes a WiFi leap with a Smart Bus-Stand
07-07-2014 > Netaji Thoothoor won state level Vaniyakudi tournament
28-04-2014 > NLT's 23rd One Day Football Tournament - Report
20-04-2014 > Live Webcasting of the One Day Football Tournament
16-04-2014 > NLT Invites all Football Fans to 23rd One Day Football Tournament
02-04-2014 > Selection of NLT Office Bearers and NLT One Day Football Tournament 2014.
18-01-2014 > Christmas and New Year 2014 Celebrations - Update
13-12-2013 > NLT Sports fest 2013 Event list and costing - Sponsors Welcome
14-11-2013 > NLT Day 2013 - Program Schedule
25-10-2013 > NLT seminar for 10,+1,+2 students and parents
11-10-2013 > Updates from NLT Executive Meeting happened on 6th Oct 2013
06-09-2013 > NLT to celebrate Anniversary with 7 days programs
01-09-2013 > NLT to celebrate Anniversary with 7 days programs
03-08-2013 > List of NLT Office Bearers and Executives
10-07-2013 > Netaji Thoothoor won state level Vaniyakudi tournament
26-06-2013 > Nataji Library General Body Meeting on 6th July 2013, new Office Bearers to be selected
27-04-2013 > Video of 22nd One Day Football Tournament of NLT
17-04-2013 > Current issues in NLT and Suggestions for Future - Dr. Sajeen's Note
14-04-2013 > Photos of 22nd One Day Football Tournament of NLT
01-04-2013 > Puthiya Thalaimurai TV telecasts NLT Tournament today (1st April) at 6.30 pm
21-03-2013 > NLT Invites all Football Fans to 22nd One Day Football Tournament
15-03-2013 > NLT One Day Football Tournament and Selection of New President
13-03-2013 > 30th Anniversary of NLT Silver Jubilee Building Inauguration
03-03-2013 > Some Changes in NLT Office Bearers
17-02-2013 > New Office Bearers selected for NLT
14-05-2012 > 4 out of 22 Players in Tamilnadu State Football team’2012 are from our Land
04-05-2012 > Photos of 21st One Day Football Tournament of NLT
15-04-2012 > Report on Live Webcasting of Holy Week Ceremonies and NLT Football Tournament
10-04-2012 > Report of NLT’s 21st One Day Football Tournament
31-03-2012 > LIVE from Thoothoor - Holy Week Ceremonies and NLT Football Tournament
27-03-2012 > NLT is all set for 21st One Day Football Tournament
26-01-2012 > Republic Day & Nethaji Birthday Celebrations in NLT
14-12-2011 > Best Blood Donor Award for Nethaji Library Thoothoor
28-08-2011 > Nethaji Library Thoothoor (NLT) resumes services - Video Attached
16-08-2011 > New Full Video of Independence Day Celebrations across Thoothoor
21-07-2011 > Update on NLT Attack
20-07-2011 > Nethaji Library in Thoothoor is attacked by unidentified people.
29-06-2011 > Thoothoor Football League (TFL) – Married Men 7s Football Tournament
08-05-2011 > Updated Photo Album of NLT's 20th One Day Football Tournament
26-04-2011 > NLT’s 20th One Day Football Tournament – Result
06-04-2011 > 20th One Day Football Tournament of Nethaji Library, Thoothoor (NLT)
19-01-2011 > Some Updates from Thoothoor
30-10-2010 > The Report & Photos on Seminar in NLT for UGC Aspirants on 24th October 2010
18-10-2010 > Best Goal and Best Match in NLT 7’s Soccer Tournament
05-10-2010 > The 3rd seminar event by TPCAC in Thoothoor – a short report
27-09-2010 > TPCAC’s next ‘Mukkuva’ seminar in Thoothoor in collaboration with NLT on 3rd Oct 2010
16-08-2010 > Independence Day Celebration in NLT
21-05-2010 > NLT Updates
10-04-2010 > Photos of NLT Football Tournament and Church Construction Progress
04-04-2010 > NLT’s 19th One Day Day-Night Football Tournament ended with a memorable result
29-03-2010 > Blood Donation Camp in NLT, 30 youth have donated blood
17-03-2010 > NLT’s 19th One Day football tournament – Preparations
13-01-2010 > NLT celebrates Nethaji Day on 23rd Jan 2010
28-11-2009 > Indian Bank Thoothoor branch to be inaugurated on 26th Dec 2009
18-10-2009 > NLT requesting for book donation
17-09-2009 > Few updates from Thoothoor
17-08-2009 > Independence Day celebrations in NLT
26-07-2009 > New cemetery in Thoothoor
14-06-2009 > NLT accredit SSLC Tamilnadu state topper (son of a fisherman)
13-06-2009 > NLT New building photos
28-04-2009 > Thoothoor bus stand Chaaya Kadai building is getting demolished
13-04-2009 > NLT 18th One Day Football Tournament Highlights
31-03-2009 > NLT New Building – All set for inauguration
04-03-2009 > Message from Maria Vijayan, NLT
31-10-2008 > Request from Maria Vijayan, NLT
12-09-2008 > NLT new building - Work is in progress
13-03-2008 > Thoothoor getting ready to celebrate the football festival of Nethaji Library

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