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Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC) is an association of Thoothoor and its related people, living in Qatar. It is started with the purpose of helping the underprivileged people living in Thoothoor, mainly to benefit the deserving students to pursue higher education. There are many such organizations exists in the name in Thoothoor, but QTC will lead them with passion and timely action.

QTC members will meet once in every month. In the meeting, all the issues and ideas will be put to discussion, equally without any disparity. At the end, the one which is acceptable to everyone will be proposed with particular time frame, for action.

QTC was started in the beginning of 2014, so it is still very young and a long way to go before achieving its founded ideology. QTC welcome each and every member of Thoothoor and its related people, to gather and communicate regularly, so that together we will make Thoothoor and its surrounding a better place to live.

QTC related reports/references

Few Delegate Message References
19-07-2022 > QTC's Awareness Seminar for fishermen was well received
16-07-2022 > QTC is conducting an Awareness Seminar for fishers to deal with sailing-related problems
10-02-2022 > 8th Anniversary of Qatar Thoothoor Community - QTC
17-03-2020 > Free WiFi in NLT is temporarily halted due to School Annual Examinations
29-05-2019 > 5th Annual Get-together of QTC (Qatar Thoothoor Community) in May 2019
23-05-2019 > New office bearers for Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC)
16-04-2018 > On arrival visa for Indians to Qatar, and QTC will help with accommodation and food
12-07-2017 > Qatar Thoothoor Community’s (QTC) cash prizes award ‘2017 for SSLC and HSC Toppers
08-07-2017 > KFDS joined hand with NLT to enhance the library services
23-03-2017 > NLT along with TWA, QTC, and TFCYM is conducting Grand Lucky Draw
16-02-2017 > Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC) celebrated its 3rd Anniversary function
17-12-2016 > Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC) to sponsor the EB payment of NLT for life time
04-05-2016 > TWA upgraded QTC's Free WIFI in Thoothoor.
04-04-2016 > Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC) celebrated its 2nd Anniversary function
04-04-2016 > Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC) celebrated its 2nd Anniversary function
23-05-2015 > Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC) celebrated its 1st Anniversary function
01-12-2014 > on 14th year of Service
26-11-2014 > Thoothoor takes a WiFi leap with a Smart Bus-Stand
08-06-2014 > Qatar Thoothoor Community (QTC), a new welfare organization is started

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