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About Us service is started on 01-December-2001 to build an international network between people related to Thoothoor (Thoothoor Profile), through which good and wealthy relationship can be built between people related to Thoothoor region.

All website related decisions are taken by selected delegate administrators of The final decision will be taken by the administrator in all cases. Please write to us for any clarification. If you have any idea or suggestion, please feel free to communicate with us. We will personally reply to every mail that we receive.

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  • [2022] - Mr. Jeen Cyril, USA.
  • [2021] - Mr. Anish Christ, Dubai.
  • [2020] - Mr. Johannan Lazer [Mr. Lazer & (Late) Mrs. Christumary Family, Thoothoor]
  • [2019] - Mr. Joy Layola, USA.
  • [2018] - Mr. Anto Gracious and Family, Thoothoor.
  • [2017] - Mr. Anil Jesudas [Mr. Jerome & Mrs. Jalasteenammal Family, Thoothoor]
  • [2016] - Mr. Bigi [Mr. Lazer & (Late) Mrs. Christumary Family, Thoothoor]
  • [2015] - Thoothoor.COM Admin Team.
  • [2013] - Head Cutters Team, Thoothoor.
  • [2012] - Mr. Stnley Paul [Mr.Poulose & Mrs.Canty Poulose, Thoothoor]
  • [2011] - Mr. Kumar Kaspar, Thoothoor.
  • [2010] - Mrs. Amalamary Albert, Thoothoor.
  • [2009] - Mr. Anil (Jesudas), Abu Dhabi.
  • [2008] - Mr. Joris Antony Xavier, Thoothoor.
  • [2007] - Mr. Jude J. Alex, USA.
  • [2006] - Mr. Wells Albert, Newzealand.
  • [2005] - Mr. Joy Layola, USA.
  • [2004] - Mr. Berlin Anto, UAE & Mr. Rajee, UAE.
  • [2003] - Mr. K.R. Rajan, UAE.
  • [2001-2002] - Mrs. Ciciliamma Thomas, Thoothoor.

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Usage of website is under the below listed terms, and we request all visitors to read through each of them. This terms declaration may change time to time, and it is visitor's responsibility to stay updated.
  • is a private website, dedicated to people related to Thoothoor region and people interested in Thoothoor region for collaboration, fun and information.
  • contains resources which are related to Thoothoor region and people in this region.
  • takes special care in protecting the privacy of its registered members. does not share the profile information of members with any third party organisation without the knowledge of the concerned members.
  • allows visitors to publish their views in this website, and the concerned publisher will be the owner of all such messages published.
  • Messages shared here are for private information purpose only, and the readers have to use other channels to confirm all such messages.
  • is not a public website.
  • None of the contents in can be taken as Statement of Record directly or indirectly.
  • Usage of is solely visitor's personal decision and is not responsible for any further consequences, if any.
  • administrator's decision is final in all matters which are concerning
  • We advise people to stay away from if one found that this website is not relevant to his/her interest or he/she is not convinced with the disclaimer.

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