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Thoothoor Forane Catholic Youth Movement (TFCYM)

TFCYM is a youth movement comprises youth belongs to Thoothoor. This movement takes up many works in Thoothoor. Members of TFCYM involve in many good activities for the benefit of the society and youth. Some of their major activities are:
  • The Green Thoothoor project - Planting & maintaining trees in and around Thoothoor.
  • The Clean Thoothoor project - Cleaning and maintaining un-cared areas in Thoothoor to keep the environment healthy.
  • Conducting grant cultural events.
  • Celebrating common festivals and occasions in a grant manner
  • Supporting other organizations in conducting social/renovation activities.
  • During 2007-2008 time period, TFCYM has published a monthly magazine 'Sigarangalai Thoduvom', and an e-copy of the same was also published in website durign that time.

TFCYM related reports/references

Core Publications
Few Delegate Message References
11-12-2021 > TFCYM's Christmas Programs – 2021
07-03-2020 > TFCYM distributed dress and toiletries Kit to Poor People
29-02-2020 > TFCYM in Action against the selling of tobacco items in small shops in Thoothoor
23-12-2019 > TFCYM Christmas Carol procession across Thoothoor
17-12-2019 > Neerodi, Eraviputhenthurai and Thoothoor won prizes in the Christmas Carol Competition
23-09-2019 > TFCYM back to action; moves to govt to resolve the long pending works in Thoothoor
06-09-2018 > Photos of NLT's Independence Day celebrations
03-08-2018 > Marathon Race on account of India's 72nd Independence Day celebrations
26-03-2018 > TFCYM cleaned many areas in Thoothoor for Way of Cross and Palm Sunday
17-11-2017 > Maria Shibu received Indian Cultural Event Award in Uruguay South America for Ramayana art
23-03-2017 > NLT along with TWA, QTC, and TFCYM is conducting Grand Lucky Draw
06-02-2017 > TFCYM – New Office Bearers
23-01-2017 > Pondichery chief minister appreciated Cycle Rider Nigin Binish from Thoothoor
02-01-2017 > Beautiful photos- attracted the huge public
28-12-2016 > Ginish Frederic won 'The Emerging Youngster Award -2016' of TFCYM
18-12-2016 > TFCYM's 'The Emerging Youngster Award -2016' - Online Voting on Shortlisted Nominees Started!
13-12-2016 > Photography Exhibition at Thoothoor
02-12-2016 > TFCYM's 'The Emerging Youngster Award -2016'
17-08-2016 > Independence Day at Nethaji library ,Thoothoor --Photos
11-08-2016 > Independence day celebrations , Thoothoor comes under one Roof at Nethaji library
27-07-2016 > NLT Remembers former President of India Dr.APJ.Abdul kalam
03-04-2016 > TFCYM’s Lenten season Essay and Quiz competition Winners
05-12-2015 > Thoothoor Fest 2015
14-07-2015 > TFCYM Bible quiz Winners
07-05-2015 > TFCYM conducts Open Bible Quiz Competition on account of St.Thomas Feast and Summer Vacation
01-04-2015 > TFCYM cleaned Community Hall bridge and School bridge
01-12-2014 > on 14th year of Service
24-11-2014 > TFCYM's Christmas Programs at Thoothoor and Forane level
23-08-2014 > Sigarangalai Thoduvom August 2014 edition published
19-07-2014 > TFCYM's magazine, Sigarangalai Thoduvom July 2014 issue, published
04-11-2012 > Free Eye Treatment Camp in Thoothoor on 9th Nov 2012
16-11-2010 > Youth Spiritual Conference - 2010 in Thoothoor on 17.11.2010 by TFCYM
25-01-2010 > TFCYM has released videos of their Annual Cinematic Dance Competition 2009
30-12-2009 > Updates from Thoothoor – Christmas '2009
23-11-2009 > Thoothoor region is getting ready to offer obituary mass on 24th Nov for the missing fishermen
05-10-2009 > A video of a dance performance organised by TFCYM
19-07-2009 > Beautifying Thoothoor Beach
13-05-2009 > 2nd Annual Cinematic Dance Festival of TFCYM
25-12-2008 > Christmas celebration in Thoothoor area
17-12-2008 > TFCYM's Christmas crip
10-12-2008 > THOOTHOOR.COM’S Achievement, Thoothoorians celebrated
10-12-2008 > TFCYM is releasing 2009 Calendar
12-08-2008 > TFCYM members will clean AVM canal on August 15
26-07-2008 > TFCYM's Sigarangalai Thoduvom July issue is released
25-07-2008 > TFCYM's Sigarangalai Thoduvom JULY issue released ,it will be published soon in our
17-05-2008 > TFCYM conducting dance competition on 25/05/2008
01-02-2008 > Video of Giant Christmas Crib in Thoothoor
12-12-2007 > TFCYM and this Christmas celebrations
12-12-2007 > TFCYM and this year Christmas Celebration
07-11-2007 > CROSSES were removed from the cemetery
12-10-2007 > A beautiful light installed in our thoothoor bus stand
02-10-2007 > 'SANGAMAM' a youth meet in Thoothoor on 02 oct 2007
02-09-2007 > A new youth organization is formed in Thoothoor as TFCYM.

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