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TFCYM cleaned Community Hall bridge and School bridge Back
- Brolin C Thomas
Added @ 1-4-2015:13.20.42(IST)
[Archive: 2015] 
The Community Hall bridge and School bridge are the two high demand bridges in Thoothoor. But these bridges were dumped with garbage by surrounding houses. This makes these bridges unhygienic and dirty, and anyone who use the bridge had tough time crossing it. Now TFCYM has cleaned these bridges with the help of a hired JCB during the week 23rd March 2015. People appreciated TFCYM's timely effort as these bridges comes in the path of Way of Cross. TFCYM also has taken initiate by talking to Thoothoor Village Panchayat and Ezhudesam Town Panchayat for permanent solutions to this problem. TFCYM also requests the nearby houses to find alternate for dumping garbage and help to keep these bridges clean. Some photos of the cleaning activity are attached below.

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Robin. S, Thoothoor[4-4-2015:14.42.3(IST)]
Good effort..... keep knocking the Panchayat members too till get a permanent solution. As of I know, the panchayat providing assistance to this like projects.

Its a fantastic work done by TFCYM. The benefit of such kind work is wide range of society people and i would request people to come forward to appreciate such a wonderful initiative.

Well wisher[1-4-2015:14.7.15(IST)]
Good work guys keep it up


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