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Thoothoor Parish
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Thoothoor parish is spiritually managed by the Catholic Church governing body. All parioshioners of Thoothoor, whether they live within the boundary of Thoothoor parish or remote, owe allegiance to St. Thomas Forane Church in Thoothoor. The parish priest(s) in this Church along with the elected parish council and finance council will intervene and manage the socio-economic life of the people. Members of the parish council and finance council are mostly selected by the parishioners through their respective basic christian communities (BCCs), and optionaly nominees of the parish priest.

With Blessings from...
Pope Francis Arch Bishop
His Grace Most Rev.
Dr. Soosa Pakiam
Auxiliary Bishop
Rev. Christhudas
Vicar Forane (VF)
Rev. Dr. Baby Bevinson

Parish Priests
Rev. Fr. Shabin L (Parish Priest In-Charge)
  • Rev. Fr. Shabin L has taken charge as the In-Charge Parish Priest of St. Thomas Forane Church, Thoothoor on 29th August 2021.
  • Date of Birth: 16-02-1981
  • Date of Ordination: 14-04-2009
  • Rev. Fr. Shabin L is a native of Kollemcode
Rev. Fr. John Dall (Parish Priest)
  • Rev. Fr. John Dall has taken charge as the parish priest of St. Thomas Forane Church, Thoothoor on 1st June 2019.
  • Date of Birth: 14-01-1984
  • Date of Ordination: 12-04-2012
  • Fr. Dall is a native of Neerodi

Parish Council and Parish Finance Committee
Parish Council (Since 07-02-2021):
No Designation Name
02President In-Charge
(Parish Priest In-Charge)
Fr. Shabin L
03Sister Representative
(Mother Superior, St. John's Convent)
Sr. Veena
04Vice President
(Ward Member: Ward-9)
Mr. Gilbert. L
(Ward Member: Ward-6)
Mr. Anto
(Ward Member: Ward-7)
Mr. S. Antony
07Ward Member: Ward-1Mr. Thatheuse
08Ward Member: Ward-2Mr. Dicoston
09Ward Member: Ward-3Mr. Pushpanayakam
10Ward Member: Ward-4Mr. Sibi. S
11Ward Member: Ward-5Mr. Francis Cruze
12Ward Member: Ward-8Mr. Ubald Raj
13Ward Member: Ward-10Mr. Dickson
14Family Ministry ConvenorMrs. Rachel
15Pastoral Ministry ConvenorMrs. Linda
16TSSS Ministry ConvenorMrs. Sindhu
17Fisheries Ministry ConvenorMr. Yohannan
18Laity Ministry ConvenorMrs. Rexalin Mary Antony
19Education Ministry ConvenorMr. Jelestin
20Youth Ministry ConvenorMr. Bronskin
21BCC CoordinatorMrs. Pushpam
Finance Council (Since 27-02-2021):
No Designation Name
01President (In-Charge)Fr. Shabin L
02SecretaryMr. Joseph Xaviour
03Cashier (from Parish Council)Mr. S. Antony
04MemberMr. Robert
05Member (from Parish Council)Mr. Sibi. S

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