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Help Page contains few general informations about this website. We will be enhancing this page shortly and will provide more information on various services and and how to utilise it. Community

What is Community? Community is a community of registered users. Anyone who is related to Thoothoor can join as a community member. As Community member, one can enjoy special access in which others do not have.

Who are People Related to Thoothoor ?

In the context of, following people are considered as people related to Thoothoor *.

  • Anybody who belongs to Thoothoor ferona
  • Any wellwisher of Thoothoor region
* For practical/functional reason, administrator's decision is final in all cases.


Delegate Messages

Delegate messages are considered to be genuine messages. There are more than 30 delegate admins in who publish news and messages in the website that they come across. Not all community members are delegate admin. If anyone wanted to become a delegate admin, please contact the administrator with your details and interest. We will process it and will provide the delegate access accordingly.

  • A Delegate Admin should be a community member.
  • Delegate Message must be a common news or information about our area, people, our people's interest.
  • Delegate Message can not carry any message against any individual or group, unless there is any serious society interest attached to it.
  • Delegate admins are expected to think broadly and take extra care to use only professional and impartial stand when publishing messages. They are also requested to stay away from publishing any message that contains personal charges against any person or group. Simple logic is 'Publish only the truth'.
  • Delegate Messages against any elected body, individual or groups, parish committee, and etc in a negative way are not encouraged.
  • Delegate Messages should not contain any personal interest or intension. A Delegate Admin should not publish message about himself/herself. Such messages should be send to the Admin for approapiate publishing.
  • The delegate admin who published a message becomes the owner of that message.
  • keeps the rights to edit or remove a particular message if any conflict is found. We also keep the rights to remove a delegate access if any kind of misuse is found.

Visitor Comments

Visitors can post comments on delegate messages, articles, etc. These comments are posted by public visitors and hence does not guarentee any authenticity..

  • While adding a comment, please use only presentable words. Also do use your own name. If you want to hide your identity, you can use Guest as your name. Never use personally abusing words in the comments.
  • Visitor comments against any elected body, individual or groups, another parish, and etc in a negative way are not encouraged.
  • Visitor comments are reviewed by Delegate Administrators to verify its acceptableness in general.
  • Visitor comments are individual's personal view or feedback, and hence they need not be true or correct.
  • Visitor comments are not the the view of If you find any problematic comment, please report them to us immediately with specific details. We will act on such concerns in a timely manner.

Bulletin Board

'Bulletin Board' is a facility in this webiste by which community members can publish anything that they wanted to share with the visitors of this website. It is like a notice board for messages.

  • Any general informations, job opportunities, commercial informations, invitations.
  • Person-person commercial leads like land selling/buying interests, etc.
  • Any website links which are useful for other visitors.
  • Any useful information in various interest areas such as sports, politics, education, etc.
  • Wedding invitations and other occasion invitations.
  • Announcements of death, Missing of person, Obituary.
  • Anything that you think useful to be shared.

Articles provides the opportunity for our visitors to write and publish articles on various subjects. An article can articulate any thoughts, and shall be related to our people. There are many factors in our coastal area that needs to be highlighted, improved or discussed.

Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy

Usage of website is under the below listed terms, and we request all visitors to read through each of them. This terms declaration may change time to time, and it is visitor's responsibility to stay updated.
  • is a private website, dedicated to people related to Thoothoor region and people interested in Thoothoor region for collaboration, fun and information.
  • contains resources which are related to Thoothoor region and people in this region.
  • takes special care in protecting the privacy of its registered members. does not share the profile information of members with any third party organisation without the knowledge of the concerned members.
  • allows visitors to publish their views in this website, and the concerned publisher will be the owner of all such messages published.
  • Messages shared here are for private information purpose only, and the readers have to use other channels to confirm all such messages.
  • is not a public website.
  • None of the contents in can be taken as Statement of Record directly or indirectly.
  • Usage of is solely visitor's personal decision and is not responsible for any further consequences, if any.
  • administrator's decision is final in all matters which are concerning
  • We advise people to stay away from if one found that this website is not relevant to his/her interest or he/she is not convinced with the disclaimer.

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