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Thoothoor Welfare Association is a nonprofit organization founded in United Arab Emirates in 1994 with a small group of people that belong to Thoothoor. Now it has grown to its height with more than 100 members from Thoothoor. This organization is organized exclusively for the purposes of Social, Educational, Cultural and Economical development of people that belong to Thoothoor.

The purpose of this organization is:
  • Enhancing the quality of education of school and college students from poor families of Thoothoor parish by providing financial support and guidance.
  • Providing financial support and guidance as much as the organization can for the social development of the people back home in Thoothoor.
  • Providing financial support and guidance as much as the organization can for the cultural development of the people back home in Thoothoor.
  • Providing financial support and guidance as much as the organization can for the economical development of the people back home in Thoothoor.

TWA related reports/references

This organization has been serving the Thoothoor community ever since it has started by providing financial support to the poor people that need financial support for education and marriages. The following are some examples that TWA has been under taking for the development of the Thoothoor people.
  • This organization has been providing financial support to at least one candidate in every year from Thoothoor whose family cannot support him/her to give the college fees.
  • It is providing financial support for the marriage expenses of the bride from a poor family.
  • It has been providing financial support to a Supplementary Education Program in Thoothoor with 275 students for the last six years.
Few Delegate Message References
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26-10-2020 > My First Step Towards The Long Walk - Nigin's new blog
06-02-2020 > TWA repaired the Solar supported street light at Thoothoor
11-12-2019 > Chain snatching incident happened at Thoothoor
28-11-2019 > TWA 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee Celebration at Sharjah
25-09-2019 > St.Nicholas Neerodi won the title in TWA’s One Day Football Tournament at Ajman
20-09-2019 > Fr. John Dall’s Congratulatory message to TWA on account of Silver Jubilee Anniversary
19-09-2019 > TWA to celebrate Silver Jubilee Anniversary with a One Day Football Tournament at Ajman
13-08-2019 > Four entrepreneurs including Anto from Thoothoor reveal what freedom means to them
08-08-2019 > TWA – Dubai is celebrating Silver Jubilee (1994-2019)
17-07-2019 > St.Thomas feast holy high mass in Tamil was celebrated at Dubai on 11.07.2019
05-07-2019 > St. Thomas Feast celebration at Dubai on 11th July 2019
23-05-2019 > Writer Jesudhas of Thoothoor releasing book called 'CHELAZHI'
15-05-2019 > How Roanuz Softwares, a Tech startup founded by Mr. Anto Binish from Thoothoor helping IPL !
20-09-2018 > Merry Productions launching 'Proud of You', a new web series
10-09-2018 > Christhudas from Thoothoor passed away
01-04-2018 > Thoothoor Boat Union helped the Ockhi victims while TWA honoured the brave search team
17-11-2017 > Maria Shibu received Indian Cultural Event Award in Uruguay South America for Ramayana art
04-11-2017 > New Librarian has taken charge in NLT
12-07-2017 > TWA’s St.Thomas Feast Mass and Celebration in Dubai, an event of spirituality and unity
08-07-2017 > KFDS joined hand with NLT to enhance the library services
30-06-2017 > St.Thomas Feast Mass and Celebration in Dubai on Friday 7th July
23-03-2017 > NLT along with TWA, QTC, and TFCYM is conducting Grand Lucky Draw
12-03-2017 > The '10 best #startups in AI' honor to the startup 'Roanuz' founded by Anto Binish K from Thoothoor
11-03-2017 > TWA installed a solar energy light at Thoothoor community hall bridge
14-12-2016 > Free Saplings to be distributed
25-05-2016 > Summer rain beat the heat
04-05-2016 > TWA upgraded QTC's Free WIFI in Thoothoor.
16-04-2016 > People suffered by Heatwave
30-01-2015 > NLT to reform the Book Bank facility, people are invited to donate
17-01-2015 > TWA and NLT to create Civil-Service/TNPSC awareness for students
01-12-2014 > on 14th year of Service
16-10-2014 > THOOTHOOR WELFARE ASSOCIATION (TWA), UAE Conducted 21st Annual Get-together
06-11-2013 > We, fishermen, and our problem
14-11-2010 > TWA, UAE - Annual get-together
15-10-2010 > TWA மாத கூட்டம் ( அக்டோபர் /2010)
14-12-2008 > Fisher Youth in MAKKAL ARANGAM
08-12-2008 > Fisher Youth in MAKKAL ARANGAM

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