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When a deep sea tragedy occurs, the enormous financial loss of our people is very painful. This financial loss, our fishermen suffer, will ruin their life and families. For tragedies where death is involved, there are schemes wherein the deceased person's family gets some monetary help. But for the material loss, practically there are no significant reliefs available at the moment. Visit URL-1 for an article on what are the practical problems around this.

Below are thought provoking points from 2 well wishers from our community.

Mr. Johnson from Vallavilai want to bring two points to everyone’s attention and enable our people to think how best to handle such crisis. His points below.
(1). When there are enormous calamities, beyond what human effort can achieve, there are disaster relief programmes in every country. I do not know if developing countries like India have any such government plans. Let us also appreciate the fact that chief minister gave Rs.1.0 lach each to all 18 fishermen who survived the recent cyclone.
(2). In an earlier discussion in this website regarding the changing global trend, we got some wonderful suggestion from our readers like the need to educate youth and parents to diversify our educated youth going various industries and not just software industry. Similar way, our readers must be encouraged to offer practical suggestion to minimize the pain and suffering of our people, who put life worth of savings into a boat. Once a practical suggestion is found, the second thing is educating them to follow those.

The other important article is from Mr. P.Espin from Chinnathurai who narrates the fishermen problem in detail with many incidents and points (URL-2). Mr. Espin ends the article with a call to THINK AND FIND THE ANSWERS SERIOUSLY.

Unless there are pre-furnished measures, this situation will never change. Nothing can be done after an incident occurs. So let us bring together our knowledge and thoughts to help our own people to manage such crisis in a better way.

URL-1: .....
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Fr.d, Tvpm[27-11-2013:17.5.54(IST)]
Firstly thanks for a good subject. Agree with Fredy about the usage of poor and illiterate while mentioning about fishermen. But the fact is our fishermen are in a most dangerous profession as they do long sailing with less equipped boats. There are very less (in effect zero) plannings to face the bad time. As Johnson says it is not tolerable to see a boat owner comes to street when he looses his boat in sea. Since the loss evolved in lakhs getting help from others becomes difficult. Our fishermen are intelligent in going forward without thinking much about the shortfalls and risk factor. Fishermen organizations has to seriously work on getting some solution to this problem with government subsidiary on insurance or any other means.

Thanks for the points given both in the Delegate Message and in the article. Those made me to think for a while. I appreciate the thoughts. But, I have some points..

When we think of the evolution of our fishermen from “Karamaram” to now-a-days far and deep-sea fishing, it is clear that they have evolved on their-own so far without much help from those who are not into fishing. This may be the case in the future as well.

Most importantly, we should better avoid labeling them as “Poor fishermen”, “Illiterate Fishermen”, etc. This may help them in no way, but psychologically put them down. They may not have formal education, but they are outshining many in weather prediction, navigation & direction and innovation.

I found the information in the below wiki link is simple and meaningful. We should also see at what distance the conflict are happening to our fishermen with other countries’ fishermen.

Great effort Mr.Espin sir.100% true information


  Pesum Porchithiramey
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